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Havells India introduces its new lighting range ‘Glamtubes’ through a new campaign

The campaign aims to break the regular mould wherein Battens are considered as a lighting equipment

Click on the image to watch the TVC

Havells India has introduced its new range of lighting products called ‘Glamtubes’ through a new campaign which not only presents the product in a stylish avatar, but also attempts to change the perception of LED Battens.

The campaign aims to break the regular mould wherein Battens are considered as a lighting equipment. Glamtubes from Havells Lighting goes way further wherein it is not only a functional product it’s also gives the walls a glamorous makeover.

Prag Bhatnagar, President, Havells India, said, “We want to break the barriers when it comes to the "tube light" category by establishing a completely new perspective on LED tube lights. Our new product offering has unique premium designs aesthetic and cutting-edge technology for a better impact of light on our everyday life through features like Flicker-free lights and Glare-free Lights. The Glamtubes range will bring elegance to Indian homes and create an aura of wellbeing and glamour. We are optimistic that the new tube light range will reinforce our position in the premium lighting market while also meeting the changing demands of our new age consumers."

Rohit Kapoor, Executive Vice-President-Marketing, Havells India, said, “The Glamtubes range will revolutionise the perception of traditional tube lights as it offers an aesthetic change bringing to life the elevated sense of style. The nomenclature originating from the theme of celestial hypnosis complements the mystical and alluring feeling that is unique to the range. Our latest TVC aims to communicate Glamtubes as an extension of panache that adds to the beauty of modern Indian home décor”.

Preeta Mathur, Creative Head of 82.5 Communications, Delhi, said, “While being briefed we were shown these LED battens. OMG! The feeling was unanimous: These Glam Tubes are actually so glamorous that they will surely make a fashion statement for those who will put them in their homes. The film intrigues you in the beginning when you see so many glamorous looking people walking towards something and when the penny drops you realise that the Glam Tubes is the pied piper that is bringing all the glamour from across the city, back home with it.”

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