Cartoon Network to launch 'Digimon Adventure:' in multiple regional languages

The channel is launching the show as part of its bid to expand its anime programming in the country

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Cartoon Network to launch 'Digimon Adventure:' in multiple regional languages

Cartoon Network is all set to premiere ‘Digimon Adventure:’, produced by Toei Animation, for the first time in multiple regional languages - Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Adding more sparkle to the festive season and to its cache of popular Japanese anime content, the channel is hosting the adrenaline-pumping, dazzling adventures of Taichi and his friends, starting October 24, and thereafter Monday through Friday at 8 pm. 

It's 2020, the network is part of everyone’s daily life, however, a network glitch suspected to be a cyber-attack creates panic in central Tokyo. 

This time, ‘Digimon Adventure:’ follows the story of a fifth grader - Taichi Yagami, who on his way to rescue his mother and sister, suddenly finds himself in the Digital World. This unexplored virtual space where things are not what they seem is on the other side of the network and the realm with its creatures unknown to humankind.

The adventures begin when Taichi and his six ‘chosen’ friends, helped by seven Digimons, or digital monsters, navigate the unpredictable and dangerous Digital World, trying to make their escape back home.

Voicing the main characters in the show are popular Hindi voiceover artists including Vaibhav Thakkar for the protagonist Taichi, Dev Singha for the fierce digimon Agumon, Sriparna Chaterjee for the young computer whiz Koshiro, Neshma Chamburkar for Taichi’s mother Yuuko Kamiya and Pooja Punjabi for Taichi’s best friend Sora.

Uttam Pal Singh, Head of Kids Cluster, South Asia, Warner Bros. Discovery, said, “Cartoon Network led the way by being the first channel to bring Japanese anime content in local dubs to South Asia. After the standout success of ‘Dragon Ball Super’, we are pleased to bring fans a new addition to the versatile genre with ‘Digimon Adventure:’ in three local languages, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. We are sure that this latest addition with its gripping narrative and world class animation will be another instant favourite.”

Cartoon Network will offer fans several exciting opportunities to join in the adventures of ‘Digital World’ alongside Digimons.

Beginning October 11, Cartoon Network’s social media channels will highlight the characters and their powers through a series of posts and engaging content giving fans plenty of social moments to show their f­­andom.

Additionally, as part of the launch campaign, the channel will invite young fans to participate in the #DigiQuest - a watch and win contest with exciting rewards.

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