Brands X Creators: How YouTube works for content collaborations

See how YouTube is helping brands engage with a niche audience and build content IPs in collaboration with content creators

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Brands X Creators: How YouTube works for content collaborations

YouTube Work Awards 2022 saw some of the most innovative brand campaigns over the last year fight it out for top honours. One of the most coveted categories for the awards - “Brand X Creators” drew exciting nominations that exhibited how creators have become an essential part of marketing campaigns and are helping brands communicate with their audiences in a much more effective way. Let us see how brands are creating enriching content for their consumers in collaboration with YouTube Creators:

How YouTube helps brands with marketing to their niche audiences:

YouTube enables brands to show how the product integrates into their lives. YouTube is a platform of choice for viewers and this helps in identifying and targeting niche audiences by partnering with relevant content creators for the brands.

1. "Hey Alexa" with Social Media Stars

Amazon collaborated with the popular YouTube Creator Janice Sequeira on “Social Media Star with Janice” which is a popular digital chat show that features film and online celebrities to build relevance to position Amazon Alexa as a smart assistant and demonstrate the feature “Hey Alexa”. This generated 400M+ impressions and 4X more views than planned leading to a positive impact on brand affinity. The campaign also did go on to win the Brand x Creator category at YouTube Works Awards 2022.

2. iQOO Raid Nights - Hunt for India's Next Big YouTube Streamer

iQOO, a young smartphone brand, created a disruptive campaign targeting the emerging gaming community. They got YouTube gaming streamers to “raid” other streamers. This allowed the brand to get over 2500 channels to participate in the campaigns garnering over 6.5 Million views. The campaign was a Top finalist at YouTube Works Awards 2022.

How YouTube is helping brands build content IPs in partnership with content creators:

YouTube content IPs help brands stand out by building engaging content for their audiences on the platform. It also helps the brand to communicate

3. Amazon Fashion Up Season 1

As Amazon builds itself as the destination for fashion for its consumers, it developed a content IP on YouTube, to leverage celebrities and influencers to bring alive inspirational fashion content using moments - making “Har Pal Fashionable”. They created unconventional pairs of celebrities for Amazon FashionUp. These 15 min. episodes created lasting brand appeal and delivered strong growth for the brand. The campaign was a Top finalist at YouTube Works Awards 2022.

One of the episodes from Amazon Fashion Up

4. Tinder India’s Swipe Ride:

Tinder’s Swipe Ride featured  Kusha Kapila and a celebrity co-host who turn into “personal-chauffeurs-cum-hype women” as they drop someone on their next Tinder date The innovative concept and the tone of the show helped break stereotypes and start more conversations around dating and relationships. This campaign allowed Tinder to stand out of the clutter while building reach for their channel with engaging content. The campaign was a Top finalist at YouTube Works Awards 2022.

Swipe Ride episodes:

Content Creators have a strong bond with their audiences and have built strong communities. This allows marketers to find the right opportunities for collaboration to amplify their campaigns in the most meaningful and insightful way.

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