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BabyChakra launches label education campaign with #BabyChakraKiList

The list is a directory of toxins which parents should avoid while choosing baby and child care products

Parenting platform BabyChakra has released its definitive list to raise awareness of toxins that find their way into many seemingly-natural and even premium baby and childcare products.

The list is titled #BabyChakraKiList: Ingredients We Say No to. The objective of the list is to urge parents to be aware of what is going on in their baby’s products. The list is live on their website and lists recent research on newer toxins and all the possible ways they can affect a baby’s delicate system.

It is positioned as a ready reckoner so parents can read the label of their child’s products and know if it has any hidden toxins in them.

Parents today are learning to read the ingredients on the labels to ensure they don’t use any products that contain harmful or banned ingredients.

Babychakra has launched a national campaign with more than 8000 mothers and 2000 doctors participating titled #LabelPadhoMoms. The objective is to raise awareness of harmful chemicals that are hidden on the labels of many baby products.

Many toxins sneakily find their way into baby products that in turn have the potential to affect a baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. With the #LabelPadhoMoms campaign, BabyChakra started the movement of urging the moms to read and check the labels of their baby’s products for hidden toxins and highlighted that BabyChakra’s nourishing range of baby care products has clean labels and no toxins at all.

The campaign started with the social media leg with several moms sharing their personal experiences with toxins and their experience with how beneficial BabyChakra products have been for their kids.

Further to this Babychakra also brought together moms from everywhere for offline meets across India where it is demonstrated how BabyChakra products are formulated without toxins. The event also talked about the big no-nos of chemicals in baby products: phenoxyethanol and artificial fragrances.

Naiyya Saggi, Co-founder, The Good Glamm Group and Founder and CEO, BabyChakra, said, “At BabyChakra, we’ve been on the forefront of ‘label education’ in India and our partnerships with mothers and doctors across the country has helped make this a national movement on the hidden toxins a parent needs to really watch out for. After all, 60% of what we apply on our children’s skin is absorbed in their bloodstream. #LabelPadhoMoms and #BabyChakraKiList is our way of ensuring every parent gets the same insight as a top research and development professional on what to watch out for in their kids’s products and hence which products to choose.”

The list:

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