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Author Amish and marketing agency Think WhyNot use metaverse and AR in book marketing

The author’s latest book, ‘War of Lanka’ (4th book of the Ram Chandra series), was launched recently

Elevating the book reading experience coupled with the ever-evolving technology, author Amish has recently launched his fourth book in the Ram Chandra series, ‘War of Lanka’, published by HarperCollins.

Amish has taken the marketing of books to newer heights, right from using cinematic trailers, to producing a music album, and offering customised merchandise to engaging with his readers through apps.

The author, in partnership with Think WhyNot - the marketing communications agency, is bringing a new vision to book marketing through his strategy. The two collaborated again for Amish’s fourth book in the Ram Chandra series to give a virtual treat to his readers through Augmented Reality. 

Creating excitement for the release of ‘War Of Lanka’, Think WhyNot has leveraged the latest development in the tech space – the Metaverse - to engage fans with the latest story in the Amishverse.

The agency has planned an Augmented Reality campaign on Instagram, with four new filters that provide an immersive experience to the users unlike any other. Going beyond the pages of the book, these filters will bring the characters to virtual life in the online medium, pose a gaming challenge to the users, and even let them participate in the ‘War of Lanka’.

To top it all off, there will also be an AR coupled with AI contest where players have a chance at winning personalised gifts from the author himself.

Amish said, “Writing a book is a solitary job. And one that I enjoy. But equally so, I genuinely enjoy the marketing work to promote books. I have been blessed to have fantastic partners who have helped market my books in truly innovative ways. These are, in no small measure, contributory factors in the success of my books. I have worked with Think WhyNot for many years now. They are among the best marketing agencies in the country. They did some truly path-breaking work for my earlier books, from trailers in cinemas to music albums! But this new marketing idea, based on the Metaverse and Augmented Reality, is among the most exciting marketing campaigns that I have been a part of. Can’t thank Sangram’s team enough!”

Sangram Surve, CEO and MD, Think WhyNot, stated, “Working with Amish has always meant innovation for us. We were a part of his Shiva Trilogy, which is the fastest selling book series in Indian publishing history. And now, we are supporting the Ram Chandra Series, the 2nd fastest selling book series in Indian publishing history. For the War of Lanka, we are leveraging innovations in the Metaverse space, with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. We have been actively working with Meta on their Metaverse projects and have brought some of the learnings and inspirations into this campaign. Content by Amish is already Metaverse-ready, and we hope that over time more immersive Metaverse rollouts are on the cards.”

Amish’s previous books include The Immortals Of Meluha and The Secret Of The Nagas where he used cinematic trailers to market his book and for The Oath Of The Vayuputras, he produced a music album in collaboration with Times Music.

His Ram Chandra series includes Ram- Scion Of Ikshvaku, Sita-Warrior Of Mithila, and Raavan-Enemy Of Aryavarta, which have been promoted through trailers, apps, and innovative events with drum circles.

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