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Approach Entertainment launches Blanket Donation Campaign in collaboration with Go Spiritual India

The campaign aims to spread awareness about the plight of the homeless and destitute in winters and urges people to donate blankets, clothes and food or inform Go Spiritual India to make necessary arrangements

The charitable organization, Go Spiritual India along with celebrity-management and film-production company, Approach Entertainment has launched a Blanket Donation Campaign with an objective to mobilize blankets, clothes, and food donation drives for the homeless in North India.

Go Spiritual India Organization is an initiative launched by Sonu Tyagi and his company Approach Entertainment is dedicated to charity and spiritual work and has been running the Blanket Donation Campaign in North India, since 2017.

The charitable organisation has also been running food donation and hunger eradication programs for the last five years. Also, the donations for the specific campaign can be in cash or kind or even through participation on a volunteer basis.

Through this campaign, it aims to spread awareness about the plight of the homeless and destitute in winters and motivates people to donate blankets, clothes, and food either by themselves, or inform Go Spiritual India to arrange Blankets for the needy.

As part of the collaboration with Approach Entertainment, Approach Communications is handling the PR, Digital and Communications area for the Blanket donation drive while Approach Entertainment is working on the production of videos, mobilization through celebrities and influencers, events, and related activities.

Additionally, the charitable organization will also launch Go Spiritual India Digital Magazine soon, followed by Go Spiritual India Print Magazine and Go Spiritual India TV.

According to the 2011 census, there were 17.33 crores homeless people in India and this figure in 2022 is estimated to be at least 26 crores. Even if it is assumed that half of them may be living in North India where the winters are rather harsh, it is easy to imagine the plight of the homeless people every winter.

Go Spiritual India’s campaign to distribute blankets for the homeless persons in North India is aimed at saving as many lives as possible in the country and therefore every winter.

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