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4700BC reveals the reason behind brand renaming through a new campaign film featuring Mr BC

With a 4700BC tin in his hand, the character personifies the brand’s love by offering a twist to pepping up the gifting season

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Following the trademark to ‘Make the Most of the Present’, snacking brand 4700BC has announced the launch of their second campaign leg of Gatecrashing Chronicles and showcasing their unconventional, uptown and whacky fellow who has a love for novelty experiences, Mr. BC. 

Engaging in unconventional anecdotes and regaling people at parties. With a 4700BC tin in his hand, the character personifies the brand’s love by offering a twist to pepping up the gifting season. The film portrays an in-depth understanding on the recent rebranding from 4700BC to 4700. 

While the announcement came as a shock to many, it signified a rough patch between the brand and Mr. BC. Based on the theme of separation, the film showcases Mr. BC attending a divorce party.

Similar to the last film, Mr. BC stands out in the room because of his flamboyant character and unique semblance and manages to make heads turn. But the host doesn’t seem to mind.

When an inquisitive guest asks the host about the strange man, the host smirks and says even though she doesn’t know him, but the gift in Mr. BC’s hand is unique and interesting enough for them to enjoy his presence at the party. 

The film provides viewers an explanation of Mr. BC’s recent outburst on social media. However, in the end, the film shows Mr. BC dancing on the stage with a tin of 4700BC popcorn signifying reconciliation between both, the protagonist and the brand.

The film will be aired across PVR and all digital platforms including popular OTT and social media platforms.

“After the heartening response to the launch of our gifting ambassador Mr BC, we wanted to ensure the second leg of the campaign is also equally clutter breaking and engaging. We chose to pick on a divorce party theme as a celebratory occasion to gift instead of showing a conventional theme, in tune with the current times. 4700BC ensures to communicate with consumers through relatable and relevant content, creating novel and ground breaking communiques such as our recent renaming announcement for clutter-breaking storytelling in the space of gifting. The digital film undertakes the narrative in-depth, catering to a generation that wants to pick up a novel, unique and unconventional gift,” said Chirag Gupta, Founder and CEO.

“Since we launched the first Mr. BC film, everyone around us started asking, What's Next? What can be crazier than crashing a "Gangster Party"? The increase in divorce parties shows a significant shift towards people celebrating an end of an emotionally draining period and a new beginning. It is a fascinating concept just starting up in India, so we were like yeah, this is cool. This is what we want to discuss,” Abhishek Kumar, Brand Head, said.


Directors: Pranjal, Anya, Abby

Creative Director: Abby 

Creative Producers: Nikunj, Sparsh

Editor: Sparsh

Creative excellence: Ritika, Sarthak, Sparsh, Noor, Kushagra

Writers: Chintan, Nikunj, Godai, Binita, Medhaj, Saksham, kushagra

Brand Planners: Ravisha, Fatima, Aviraj

Brand Strategy: Vikram

Created and Conceptualised: 4700BC

Production House: Good Vibes Entertainment

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