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TRAI release draft regulations to curb online piracy

The draft regulation has been prepared based on the report submitted by the committee constituted by TRAI to study Digital Rights Management System requirements

In its efforts to curb online piracy, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a draft regulation to amend Telecommunication (Broadcasting & Cable) services interconnection (Addressable System) Regulation, 2017.

The Telecommunication (Broadcasting and Cable) Services Interconnection (Addressable Systems) (Fourth Amendment) Regulations, 2022, has been prepared based on the report submitted by the committee constituted by TRAI to study issues related to Digital Rights Management systems.

DRM is a systematic approach to protecting copyright for digital media and its purpose is to prevent unauthorised redistribution of digital media and to confine the ways the consumers can copy the content they have purchased.

Typically, DRM is applied by embedding the code that prevents copying, specifies a period in which the content can be accessed or limits the number of devices the media can be installed. DRM products were developed in response to the rapid increase in online piracy of commercially marketed material, which proliferated through the widespread use of peer-to-peer file exchange programs, TRAI said.

According to the authority, it also received various feedback that IPTV-based DPOs are switching to DRM technology and it is necessary that the consultation committee covers the DRM-based networks and provides enabling provisions for such operators, the authority highlighted in the release.

However, during the consultation process, the authority received numerous comments and suggestions from various stakeholders on the issue. Following this many several modifications and changes were proposed by the stakeholders on which the authority finally opined that the system requires DRM which shall be dealt with in a separate consultation paper.

TRAI has invited comments and suggestions from stakeholders on the proposed amendment and draft of the Telecommunication (Broadcasting & Cable) services interconnection (Addressable System) Regulation, 2022, which includes the issues related to the DRM system. The deadline for stakeholder comments on the draught regulations is October 7; the deadline for counter comments is October 21.

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