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Pristyn Care ropes in actor Shivangi Joshi for ‘Fight PCOS’ campaign

It has also roped in television actress Shivangi Joshi to launch a nationwide campaign to educate and spread awareness about PCOS and help women improve their lives

To boost awareness about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and educate women across all age groups, Pristyn Care - the healthcare service provider - has launched ‘Fight PCOS’ awareness campaign along with a national helpline.

It has also roped in television actress Shivangi Joshi to launch a nationwide campaign to educate and spread awareness about PCOS and help women improve their lives.

One in five women in India suffer from PCOS, as per Pristyn Care. Delayed diagnosis and a lack of information about the syndrome cause a lot of issues for them.

Pristyn Care through its primary care provider Lybrate will help women in India navigate PCOS through risk-screening, mental health support and guidance. Its senior gynaecologists and expert therapists will provide consultations to women battling depression, anxiety and other mental health or clinical issues. Given such services are not within the reach of everyone, the consultations will be done for just INR 1.

The campaign is live on the brand’s social media channels including YouTube.

Dr Shaloo Varma, SVP-Medical Directorate at Pristyn Care, said, “Every month, Pristyn Care receives 10,000+ queries from women enquiring about reproductive and sexual health services. The most common condition treated by us under gynaecology is PCOS, as it impacts a majority of women experiencing symptoms such as irregular periods, heavy flow during periods, abdominal pain, excessive weight gain, acne and infertility. Women in the workforce who experience a high degree of menstrual cramping because of PCOS have to miss important meetings and work. This also causes additional stress and anxiety for them. According to external studies, up to 60 per cent of women with PCOS also suffer from mental health issues. Through this initiative, we will focus on helping women suffering from PCOS to provide holistic care and support.”

Joshi said, “I understand the challenges we face with our overall health. I have seen many of my friends struggling with PCOS and being embarrassed about the issues. Weight gain, acne, mood swings - battling with tons of side effects because of PCOS has caused stress in their lives. Today, I pledge to spread awareness about PCOS and would encourage everyone to use Pristyn Care’s helpline to address these health challenges.”

Harsimarbir Singh, Co-founder at Pristyn Care, said, “Incase of mental discomfort, people often turn to technology-mediated solutions to seek counselling. Helplines are one of the most accessible ways for people to connect with a counsellor and seek comfort. For women battling with PCOS, we’ve launched a centralised helpline system that allows women to choose from expert gynaecologists and therapists, allowing them to chat on the platform and get personalized care. The success of the helpline can be gauged that on several occasions we have diagnosed serious health conditions which in turn improves the quality of patient's life.”

PCOS is a common disorder that can cause irregular periods, infertility or gestational diabetes in women. Those who wish to avail these services, can log into  https://bit.ly/3LfQULI to book their consultation.


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