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Borosil’s ‘Har Pal Har Dil Borosil’ campaign underscores its continuing presence in Indian homes

The five-part video series talks about the timeless emotions that are attached to the brand

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Consumer products brand Borosil has launched a new campaign called ‘Har Pal Har Dil Borosil’, which underscores the continuing presence of Borosil as a brand in Indian homes, and how the brand resonates with people across generations.

The five-part video series talks about the timeless emotions that are attached to Borosil. Showcasing a variety of products from the stainless-steel lunch boxes to the Borosil OTG, this series of videos portrays the continuous presence of Borosil in Indian households.

A spokesperson of Borosil said, “The objective of the campaign was to underscore the versatility of Borosil and how the brand has stood the test of the time to continue to be an intrinsic part of every Indian family life from their childhood to adulthood. The main idea of the campaign is show how customers across all generations have a memorable and personal connect with the brand.”

The first story is about a woman reminiscing her mother’s imperfect rotis and how she does the same now that she makes food for herself. The second story shows the feelings of a mother-in-law, determined to bring about a change in customs for the better, for her daughter in law as she sees her daughter-in-law doing the same things that she once did. The third story talks about the love and care a child has for her mother, and how she saves up money to help make her mother’s life easier. The next story is about the bond between a father and child where roles are reverses some 30 years later. The last story is about how a mother tries to make small memories for her kids.

This series will be promoted across digital platforms.

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