Audi India cuts print ads spends heavily after Covid-19

At the IAA Global Summit 2022, Balbir Singh Dhillon, Head of Audi India, spoke about how digitisation is going to change the future of the automobile industry and more

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Audi India cuts print ads spends heavily after Covid-19

Audi has reduced its focus from newspapers to digital for advertising, as per Balbir Singh Dhillon, Head, Audi India. Speaking at the International Advertising Association (IAA) Global Summit 2022, he also said that digitalisation has reshaped the automobile industry.

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As per Dhillon, in the coming years, cars will be fully integrated with Cloud and AI technologies to offer customers multiple solutions to simplify and ease their lives.

Dhillon also spoke at length about how before the pandemic Audi India’s focus was on newspaper advertising, but there has been a shift. He said that earlier they used to spend the majority of their advertising budget on newspapers, but currently they spend probably the least amount on it while digital advertisements have now taken the centre stage.

“There was a time pre-pandemic, when our first focus used to be advertising in the newspapers, it has completely changed in the last couple of years. Now what we do is we are connecting with our customers digitally,” said Dhillon.

“Our main focus is to connect with customers digitally; we are constantly trying to be present on all digital channels to connect with our audience better, to help them access all the details about the purchase and experience of the car digitally. With digitisation shaping the automobile industry, we are also shifting our focus on the digital medium of marketing,” he added.

The automobile industry has grown to become a digital ecosystem which can oversee the full cycle from pre-purchase to post-purchase, as per Dhillon.

Speaking about some major advancements in technology which can be possible in the days ahead, Dhillon said that flying cars might become a reality soon. 

Flying cars may seem futuristic but commercial jetpacks to personal air taxis are going to be the coming future of the automobile industry, as per him. He said that tests and research are being done across the world on the flying car concept and it could soon become available in India too. 

Dhillon also predicted that there’s much more in store for the automobile industry in the coming future, as India is quite strong as a soft power and there are multiple opportunities lying ahead.

He said that innovations from India and new tech are being exported and adopted globally by several brands today.

Dhillon stressed the need for more R&D, new design centres and infrastructure tools to enable innovation and breakthroughs. He concluded by saying that India as a country is already quite ahead in terms of digitisation in multiple sectors, and it has the capability to achieve this goal in the automobile industry as well.

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