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Colors Tamil launches fiction show ‘Manthira Punnaghai’

The show is a spectacular tale of uncertain events filled with secrets. It is set to premiere on Monday 9:30 pm

Colors Tamil is all set to launch its brand-new fiction show, Manthira Punnaghai.

Premiering on August 1, Monday, at 9:30 pm, the show traverses around Gayathri (played by actor Mersheena Neenu), Kathir (played by actor Hussain Ahmed Khan) and Guru Vikram, (played by actor Niyaz Khan) whose lives get tangled with each other under mysterious circumstances.  

Manthira Punnaghai chronicles the protagonist Gayathri, a smart and charming woman who embarks on a quest to find her sister (actor Nayana Raj) who disappears into thin air. Parallely, she falls in love with Kathir, a police officer whose only aim in life is to put Guru Vikram, a mafia kingpin, behind bars.

Unveiling a saga of love and deceit, Manthira Punnaghai will entice audiences to enter a world of smoke and mirrors, leaving them with a lingering thought at every given instance.

Rajaraman S, Business Head, Colors Tamil, said, “In order to encourage our ethos of bringing new concepts to the forefront, we are pleased to add Manthira Punnaghai to our plethora of fiction line-ups. This is our first attempt to bring a finite fiction programme in the romantic-crime thriller genre. Manthira Punnghai is a remarkable synthesis of romance, crime, and whodunnit drama with interesting characters who have multifaceted identities. I am definitive that this will keep the audiences hooked even further to our prime-time slot.”

Director E Vikkiramathithan said, "The show revolves around the tale of a woman and how she overcomes all odds to find her missing sister whilst falling under heaps of pretence and treachery. The characterisation in this show is exceptional, and the compelling story will keep viewers interested until the very end of each episode. The entire process has been an enriching experience for us, and I have no qualms that people will enjoy the outcomes when they see the show on television.”

Actor Mersheena Neenu said, “I am happy to be playing Gayathri, a smart and strong headed woman who knows her way out of every situation and never bends in the face of hurdles. I'm delighted to be playing Gayathri, a clever and tenacious woman who always knows how to get out of a pickle and stands strong in the face of every situation. As a character, Gayathri represents every woman who upholds her morals and beliefs, while also being clever to tackle people and circumstances. Her undying love for her sister and the male protagonist will definitely resonate with the audiences. Additionally, this is my first time working with Colors Tamil, and I'm excited to be a part of such an interesting project.”


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