Tata Play launches 'Toons+', a new kids platform service across languages

It will showcase a vast library of cartoon and anime shows in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and Punjabi

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Tata Play launches 'Toons+', a new kids platform service across languages

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Cartoons and anime have unarguably been the most preferred form of entertainment for kids. To cater to this growing and varied demand of kid’s entertainment, Tata Play has introduced a new platform Service – Toons+.

Created for kids across all age groups and fans of anime, Toons+ is dedicated to transporting viewers to the animated universe of fun and adventure in the language of their choice. The library of popular cartoon and anime shows are available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and Punjabi, and will appeal to both kids and adults alike.

The plus in Toons+ indicates the vast bouquet of cartoons, anime and movies, that have been curated and presented in 6 languages to offer a non-stop, ad-free experience. Toons+ will be bringing back cartoon shows like ‘Simba and the King Lion’, ‘Bablu Dablu’ and anime shows like ‘Fury Spinner’, ‘Unite-2-Blast’ along with short engaging content like ‘Captain Pepe’, ‘Rattic Mini’, ‘Pat & Mat’ etc, in delightful bundles.

Kids can also enjoy cartoon movies like ‘Felix Around the World’, ‘Gattu: Lolipop in Fantasy’ and much more.

Widening the watch list of children, the service will also introduce charismatic world of anime with popular anime shows like ‘World Peacekeepers’, ‘Drago Monsters’, ‘Thunder Machines’, ‘Armor Monsters’ and cartoons like ‘Billa Jassos’, ‘Gormiti’, ‘Kung Fu Masters’ and more.

These anime shows are exclusive to Tata Play and will be premiered for the first time on Toons+. Tata Play will also offer non-subscribers of the service, a sampling time of two minutes.  

Pallavi Puri, Chief Commercial and Content Officer, Tata Play, said, “The newly launched Toons+ furthers Tata Play’s endeavour to provide entertainment for all. We have seen a rising demand for fresh kids’ content over the years, and we believe, Toons+, with its exclusive curation of international cartoons and anime content, will become the next entertainment hub for the fans of this genre. Keeping the diversity of audience in mind, we are also presenting the content in six different languages which will just add to the viewer engagement.”

Dimpy Khera, Director, One Take Media Co, said, “Tata Play is always open to new innovations and have correctly identified gap of absence of regional languages in Kids Genre platform services. One Take Media is happy to partner with Tata Play to curate and present Kids entertainment in Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and Punjabi languages besides Hindi. Tata Play Toons+ will cover almost 80% of its subscribers with their choice of languages and bring delight to kids with its ad-free non-stop entertainment.”

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