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Meta testing feature to allow Facebook users to maintain five profiles from single account

As per the company, this will let users tailor their experience based on interests and relationships

Meta has announced that it is testing a feature which will allow Facebook users to maintain up to five profiles from a single account.

As per the company, every Facebook user will need to have one account with the main profile that continues to use the person's real name. However, they will be able to add additional profiles from the same account. 

According to a TechCrunch report, the company has been testing the feature with select users and said the development will help people tailor their experience based on interests and different groups, and more.

For example, a user can have two accounts, one for connecting with colleagues and networking and the other for friends and family. 

Should the advertisers be worried?

One of the big worries of digital marketing is platforms overestimating the number of their active users. The usage of multiple/fake/bot accounts on platforms like Twitter and Instagram often leads to a major misappropriation of the number of reactions and views. 

Negating all concerns over this, Meta has said that “additional profiles are still subject to its policies and that they can’t misrepresent your identity or impersonate others.” 

“The multiple-profile feature won’t change how it reports user metrics, such as monthly and daily active user totals,” it added. 

To avoid any misuse of the profiles, the company said that although users can have different names on profiles, they are required to have the real name on the main profile.  “If you receive a violation on an additional profile, it will impact your account as a whole.” 

“If someone repeatedly violates the company’s policies using one of their additional profiles, Facebook’s systems will recognise which profile was violating and take appropriate action, such as removing the additional profile or all profiles, including the main account,” it added.

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