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3.2 billion gamers will help global games market generate $196.8 billion in 2022: Newzoo report

As per the report, by 2025, this will grow to 3.5 billion players helping the market generate $225.7 billion

Nearly 3.2 billion people will play games in 2022 and the number will further grow to 3.5 billion by 2025, as per Newzoo’s Global Games Market report.

The report says that in 2022, 3.2 billion players will help the global games market generate $196.8 billion, up +2.1% year on year. By 2025, this will grow to 3.5 billion players helping the market generate $225.7 billion.

As per it, the primary driver of the global market growth is mobile, which will generate revenues of $103.5 billion this year. PC accounts for 21% of the market and will grow +1.6% year on year to $40.4 billion. Meanwhile, console will decline by -2.2% year on year to $52.9 billion—or 27% of the global market.

Regions like Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa—all filled with many exciting growth markets—will drive much of this player growth in 2022 and the years beyond. As per the report, 1,746 million or 55% of the market share of gamers is from the Asia Pacific region.

As per the report, the top public companies by gaming revenue is Tencent with $7964 million, followed by Sony with $4823 million, Apple comes third with $4421 million, Microsoft, Google, and NetEase are some of the other companies which are featured in the list.

The free report can be accessed by clicking here.

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