What is AB InBev's strategy that made them 'Creative Marketers of the year'?

Michel Doukeris, CEO of AB InBev, the multinational alcoholic beverage conglomerate that won the Creative Lions of the Year award at Cannes Lions 2022, shares that choosing organic growth over inorganic growth as part of their strategy worked wonders for them

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What is AB InBev's strategy that made them 'Creative Marketers of the year'?

Michel Doukeris

Michel Doukeris, the CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), the winners of Creative Marketers of the year at Cannes Lions 2022, revealed that organic growth has become a foundational stone to his company’s strategy and objective.

Elaborating on how his team helped him come up with the idea of using more creative power not only formed the company but helped in thrive creatively, Doukeris said, “I would like to say we are now in a period that we are really reimagining what a beer company can be and what we can do with our strategy which is very simple, focused and most of all the objective is to drive organic growth.”

Speaking of how AB InBev has become a crucial part of the movement in the consolidated category of beer, he said “We are not the only player that played in the consolidation of the category but we executed our strategy over and over again and this became like a label, thanks to companies’ people and their incredible stories of growth, both, inorganic and organic.”

Even though the inorganic part was much prevalent and was much bigger, in the last three to five years, AB InBev has been in transformation to be more of an organic company than an inorganic one, he added.

The Belgian-Brazilian multinational drinks conglomerate, with its headquarters in Belgium, has a massive global footprint and reaches crores of consumers with its sub-brands.

Furthermore, Marcel Marcondes, Global Chief Marketing Officer, AB InBev, said, “What really made our company and our purpose to dream big is that we dream big to create the future with more cheers. So, the ‘Dream Big’ is only the beginning of the whole year.”

What is prevalent at AB InBev is a great demonstration of the culture as an organisation that emerged beautifully on the lines of design, as per Marcondes.

“We need to grow organically and therefore brands are the most important assets. We need to drive the business with creativity and come up with creative solutions for problems. We have this dream, we have this objective and its now becoming reality so I think it’s very meaningful for our culture as a company,” he concluded.

Earlier this year, in mid-January, AB InBev, announced their new visual brand identity, ‘We dream big to create a future with more cheers’, with an aim to reflect the brewer's new global purpose.

AB InBev has in-store many renowned alcoholic beverage brands including Budweiser, Corona, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Michelob Ultra, Modelo and Stella Artois among others.

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