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NFTICALLY unveils new logo

The platform has also introduced new features to its website to strengthen the user experience

NFTICALLY, India's first global Web3 E-Commerce SaaS platform, has unveiled its new brand logo.

The bold all caps logo defines the company’s strength and aims to position NFTICALLY as a distinctively unique market leader in the Global NFT ecosystem.

The logo is altered to symbolise NFTICALLY’s dynamic future in the NFTs, as well as the blockchain and Web 3.0 ecosystem for a unified immersive experience. Along with the logo upgrade, the brand has introduced new features to its website to strengthen the user experience.

First, a new feature which enables ‘custom redirection for navigating logo link’, has been introduced for NFT marketplace owners. With this feature, NFT Marketplace owners can add a custom link on the logo of their businesses for navigation to a specific page or site.

Furthermore, NFTICALLY has also introduced flexibility to choose wallet options for all the NFT marketplaces for both desktop and mobile for an enhanced experience.

“NFTICALLY believes in becoming the pillar for its Marketplace owners, users, and visitors. With re-designing the logo and adding new features, NFTICALLY seeks to help all its stakeholders," said Toshendra Sharma, Founder and CEO of NFTICALLY.

"Our goal is to further establish the company's identity as the industry leader in our ecosystem. The new logo will help to perfectly define the company's vision, and current scope of capabilities as well as signal future growth plans for all stakeholders,” Sharma added.

NFTICALLY has enrolled a new feature, “Show Top Collections” and "Show Top Sellers" to grab the attention of visitors for showcasing the top-selling NFTs on the homepage. Making it user centric, NFTICALLY has also enrolled an option to show/hide and browse by category feature for the homepage of NFT marketplaces. This feature is introduced to enhance the browsing experience of the visitors.

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