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Layer’r Shot’s ads were misogynistic & tasteless indeed, but there’s more trash in the can

With the recent ban on Layer’r Shot ads due to its usage of sexual innuendos, misogyny and ‘promoting rape culture’, dug out ads from the past that were at the receiving end of the public’s wrath and had to be taken down for similar reasons

Any social media user from India by now would have had a chance to look at the Layer’r Shot ads that were aired recently, or at the very least must have seen the way in which it was derided and called out for its misogyny, ‘promoting rape culture’ and more.

While the ban on the ads by the authorities was a welcome step indeed, it leaves the door open for a much larger debate on whom the onus should fall upon, the agency, the brand, the channels which give space to the ads or to someone else entirely. While this is a much larger question and needs to be pondered upon by the industry at large by including all stakeholders, dug deep to find out ads from the past which were banned or had to be taken down for similar reasons.

The ads in the past have been banned because women were objectified, demeaned or use of sexual innuendoes and more which hurt a section of the audience.

Here are a few examples of such ads that we come across while in search of banned ads:

In 2016, Ola Cabs pulled down an ad where the character was comparing his girlfriend to a cab saying, “Meri GF chalti hai 525/Km se aur Ola micro chalti hai sirf 6/Km se.” People across social media called out the brand for demeaning women which resulted in the pulling down of the ad.


Amul Macho, the innerwear brand, became the talk of the town when it went too far ahead with an ad for promoting the brand. The ad featured actor Sana Khan showcasing sexually explicit and almost vulgar expressions in the ad.

Amul Macho:

Many ads from the talcum powder brand ‘Zatak’ had to pull down due to the sheer show of vulgarity, which people claimed were attempting to mislead the viewers. 


In 2016, during the ICC T20 tournament, Durex rolled out a bunch of ads as part of its #T20 ad campaign, however, the ads were called out due to the usage of cricket terminologies as sexual innuendoes.

Durex ad:

Several ads from the brand Wild Stone were trolled as they banked highly on objectionable content with women going mad around guys wearing its perfumes.

Wild Stone ad:

While it’s true that the list could include more such ads which have objectified women or have scandalised the audience with the sheer audacity with the disregard shown to females, the sad truth is that some brands and some agencies still haven’t learned the lesson and surely in future will have to be called out again by the audience. Although we hope and pray that better sense prevails.

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