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It’s creativity that makes markets bigger & inspires innovation to attract new people: Marc Pritchard of P&G

Speaking at the stage of Cannes Lions 2022, Marc Pritchard, the Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble, said that creativity has enormous significance as a force for growth and a force for good, which is why the creative industry matters

Marc Pritchard

The Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble, Marc Pritchard, speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity noted that one of the common challenges faced by the marketers is how to persuade the CEO and CFO that marketing adds value and is a worthwhile investment, as well as the financial case for creativity.

Marc pleaded with the marketers to “double down” on their “core job” of using creativity to lead brand and business growth amid inflation.

In the current economic climate, he said, these problems are "especially pertinent," and he added that marketers will "inevitably" confront more shocks and difficulties in the future.

He said, “As we continue to face disruptions in the world around us, it may be more important than ever to double down on our core job, our collective priority and responsibility, and the superpower that no other industry has – creativity for growth.”

According to Pritchard, the "power of imagination for growth, might be viewed as the marketing sector's most fundamental reason for existence." He continued to explain that it’s creativity that makes markets bigger, that inspires innovation to attract new people to markets, which eventually develops the economic addition where more people profit through higher incomes and increased wealth and more purchasing power.

He added, “When we do our core job of creating value as a force for growth, that in turn gives us the means to be an even broader force for good – in ways that help society and the planet.”

Talking about the creativity-powered growth, Pritchard cited examples from P&G brands and highlighted that the FMCG’s largest and most global brand is Pampers. He said that by focusing on building personal, one-to-one connections with parents the brand has been transformed through creativity.

For instance, Pampers created the ‘Pampers Due Date Calculator’ after realising that one of the first things people do after learning they are expecting is search for the due date of their child. Parents are given the option to download the ‘Pampers Incentives’ app after further encounters to obtain more information, advice, promotions, and rewards.

In return, parents voluntarily divulge more personal information, which they do because they now trust the company, as per him. With access to tools like the "Baby Name Selector" and the Snap Tales AR bedtime stories programme, the relationship deepens over time.

He said Pampers ‘Poonami’ and ‘Preemie Touch’ ads are examples of “creative magic”, as well as its work to raise consciousness around the veracities of black women’s maternal health.

He continued, “Pampers is a shining example of a brand that feels personal, communicates performance, and builds powerful partnerships to use creativity as a force for growth, that in turn, is a force for good.”

“Growth is what’s expected of us. Growth is why this industry started and still exists. Creativity for growth is the superpower of the creative leaders and visionaries at this festival and of all the talent in this room. Growth creates value that leads to economic good, which in turn, enables doing greater good for society and the planet.”

Concluding on creativity and the creative industry, Pritchard said, “Why does the creative industry matter? Because there is a tremendous value from creativity as a force for growth and a force for good.”

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