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Himalaya’s new Equity campaign inspires consumers to prioritise wellness

FCB Ulka Bengaluru has made the campaign for Himalaya

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Himalaya Wellness Company has launched a new Equity campaign which inspires consumers across age groups to prioritise health and wellness. This campaign aims to bring to life Himalaya’s vision of “Wellness in Every Home, Happiness in Every Heart”.

Himalaya believes that the world would be a happier place if each of us prioritise our health and wellness. The new campaign aims at drawing attention to the shift in our lifestyles and the importance of preventive healthcare for good health and well-being. 

The team of FCB Ulka Bengaluru is behind the campaign which has been produced by Gulliver Motion Pictures.

Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Director - Consumer Products Division, Himalaya Wellness Company, said, “At Himalaya, we believe that wellness is the real happiness. This brand film reiterates our commitment to creating awareness of the role of wellness for healthy and happy living. Himalaya has pioneered and developed a range of head to heel consumer products, reinforcing our vision of Wellness in Every Home, Happiness in Every Heart.”

M Damodaran Nair, President and Head of Office, FCB Bengaluru, said, “Over the last couple of years, we’ve all realised the importance of health and wellness in some way or another. It was the right time for a brand like Himalaya, which has pioneered wellness and built its legacy for over 90 years, to re-instil and reiterate the role of wellness in our daily lives. The old saying ‘health is wealth’ has never been truer, and Himalaya goes one step further to say, ‘wellness is true happiness’.”

Romit Nair, Executive Creative Head, FCB Bengaluru, said, “With the demands of an active lifestyle, consumers have realised the importance of adopting preventive health care for their wellbeing and happiness. Everyone at some point in their life has said ‘kaash’, when they realise they could have done something to avoid a difficult health situation. Himalaya equity campaign is based on this consumer insight.”


Campaign details: 

Title: Khush Raho Khushal Raho

Creative Agency: FCB Ulka Bengaluru

Production: Gulliver Motion Pictures

Director: Parikshit Vaidya

Creative: Romit Nair, Amit Anand, FCB Ulka

Account Management: M Damodaran, Raghavi Iyengar, FCB Ulka

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