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Glance says over 20 million Indians discovered Live, interactive content during GLF

As per Glance, users cumulatively spent over 4.5 billion seconds or 142 years on live lock screen content during GLF

Glance, the AI-driven lock-screen platform, recently concluded Glance Live Fest (GLF) – a festival of live, interactive content.

With Glance’s scale, and presence on the lock screen of major Android smartphone brands, the three-day festival recorded close to 20 million unique users, as per the platform. 

The platforms also said that the users watched over one hundred live streams from major celebrities and creators across categories such as entertainment, gaming, commerce, sports, music and more, directly on their smartphone lock screen.

As per the platform, users showed massive love for Glance’s interactive features, leading to over eight million interactions within 72 hours. For the first time ever, users got the chance to click virtual selfies with their favourite celebrities and creators during GLF. They were also able to see themselves go live on lock screens across the country through virtual billboards. Glance empowered users to shape the narratives of live streams alongside their favorite celebrities and creators as well through AMAs, comments, live polls, reactions and more.

Some key highlights were:

  • In IRL with Rajkummar Rao, the star was seen doing 32 push-ups on GLF after users challenged him to it and his knowledge of films and music was also put to the test. (Viewership of over 600,000)
  • In Fashion Premiere League, users witnessed a fierce competition between creators from Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Delhi in a live fashion battle. Users got to vote for India’s most stylish city. After witnessing street styles from these four cities, they chose Chandigarh as the winner.

Glance’s lock screen discovery enabled creators and major celebs alike to reach users at scale

With its presence on lock screens, Glance aims to solve a major challenge of content discovery that most platforms face. Users tend to miss live content while it takes place, with live shows on social apps seeing an average of 20,000 – 30,000 viewers.

Typically, only mega live events by hugely popular celebrities gain traction. Being on the front page of devices, Glance has enabled not just big celebrities but also artists and creators across the board to reach users at scale. 

  • Artist Jasleen Royal’s music and candid revelations about her struggles were watched by 360,000 users on GLF.
  • Live streams of DJ sets from the clubs of Goa gave millions of users a unique way to bring the Goan party scene home.  DJ Saj Akhtar performed his set to 551,000 users, DJ OJO played to a virtual audience of 677,000 while DJ Harsha took over the dance floor with 405,000 users tuning in.
  • Cumulatively, users spent 4.5 billion minutes or 142 years on live lock screen content during the festival.

Rohan Choudhary, Vice-President and General Manager of Glance Lock Feed, said, “Glance is aiming to build the world’s largest ecosystem for Live on the screen zero of devices, whether it is the lock screen on smartphones, or the home screen of smart TVs. We believe that Live, interactive content is the future, and through GLF, we gave the world a preview of a 24/7 Live internet. The love that GLF has received from users as well as brands, creators, and celebrities reinforce our vision of this live internet.”

Some of GLF’s hits:

  • What’s the Juice? with Kareena Kapoor Khan - The Bollywood Diva was seen in a new avatar as a show co-host discussing trending topics, live and uncut, with Cyrus Broacha.
  • Pitch-Ed Battles - Cricketers Harbhajan Singh and S Sreesanth made waves across the country when they addressed their infamous ‘slapgate’ controversy in a conversation that saw Singh apologize to his former teammate, live on lock screen.
  • House Arrest with Rana Daggubati - Rana was seen locked up in his house and was told that he had to complete all the challenges from users to escape. He was asked to find specific objects in his house and guess products from DCRAF, his men’s grooming brand.
  • Launch of Roposo JamRoom in collaboration with music composer Pritam Chakraborty’s Jam 8 and Sony Music - Singers Mohit Chauhan and Asees Kaur came together to launch a new track - “Raah Dikha De”. The song was composed especially for Roposo Jamroom.
  • Glance College Battlegrounds - 64 colleges across India competed in a Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament. 
  • Brand showcases - With live commerce powered by Roposo, over 25 creators showcased brands during GLF, enabling users to buy products in categories such as fashion, beauty, apparel, etc. directly from their lock screens. New brands such as Niiya and Inaara which are redefining Indian handlooms and designs garnered a lot of attention during the fest.

GLF took place between June 3 to June 5, besides Glance, it was also available on Roposo – Glance's entertainment commerce platform, and on Glance TV.

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