Beardo celebrates masculinity in new film featuring Hrithik Roshan

The #HairyMasculinity campaign aims to encourage men to celebrate masculinity and not to treat it as something to shy away from

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Beardo celebrates masculinity in new film featuring Hrithik Roshan

Male grooming brand Beardo has launched the #HairyMasculinity campaign featuring actor Hrithik Roshan.

The brand wants to celebrate masculinity in all its glory, and to tell men as good as it is to celebrate femininity, it is equally great to celebrate masculinity and it is not something to shy away from. 

As per Beardo, there is good and great in masculinity. The world doesn’t need less masculine men, but more.

The brand believes that the persona of the original traits of masculinity, being real, ambitious, courageous, have a high resonance with the bearded look. Not only is the bearded look timeless and classy, it makes a statement about the kind of men who have the courage to don it and the patience to groom it.

Therefore, it has taken out the campaign to celebrate #HairyMasculinity. 

Roshan said, “I have always loved how Beardo as a brand brought to life the stylish yet rugged, real unfiltered look of the groomed man. Being a Beardo is a state of mind, a lifestyle and the new digital film from Beardo captures this wonderfully”

Sujot Malhotra, CEO Beardo, said, “Beardo as a brand has been always championing the cause of masculinity. Masculinity is something that needs to be celebrated, as endorsed by the ever-growing popularity of the OG Bearded look. We laud the grit, courage, ambition & charm of #HairyMascuinity.” 

The #HairyMasculinity campaign has been launched across social media platforms.

Hrithik Roshan Beardo #HairyMascuinity campaign