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Sparx launches new TVC for its sandals range

The new TVC aims to find a connect with the youth and make them believe in themselves

Click on the image to watch the TVC

Footwear brand Sparx has launched a TVC along the lines of their previous campaign “It’s In Me” which aims to connect with youth.

The punch line “It’s In Me” is a voice of young India which refers to making the most of each opportunity with optimism and determined grit.

The TVC idea revolves around a highly relevant creative insight in today’s context, especially the youth. Today’s youth can make anything possible and it urges them to push their boundaries, overcome their doubts, and seek out their inner potential.

Gaurav Dua, Executive Director, said, “We are feeling very ecstatic with the launch of Sparx sandal TVC. Sandals are the most sought-after category of footwear owing to their convincing blend of style and comfort for the summer season and have always been high on priority for the youngsters and the young at heart.” 

The TVC encourages youth to take up the challenges and emerge as a winner with the ‘It’s In Me’ attitude.

The TVC revolves around the idea with a cool bunch of college kids opening the college Music Room and their leader says, ‘Guys, 2 saal baad, finally we’ll jam’.

As soon as they enter, they are all surprised looking at the state of the place and heap of broken, abandoned musical instruments. The dust on their Cymbals and the boys are astonished to see the drum, guitar and piano messed up. Then a boy holding the guitar says, “Iska toh band baj chukka hai practice kaise karenge.”

Then a boy who tightens his shoe strap causing the Velcro sound which leads to something clicking in his mind. It looks he likes the sound made by his footwear and says, ‘Music sirf inmein nahi…hum mein bhi toh hai.

Everyone notices the sound of the sandal’s velcro and they all started dancing and rapping around that sound. This is followed by their angry looking professor entering the room but he too gets swept away by the vibe and starts dancing to the music.

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