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Edelweiss Personal Wealth unveils ‘Fizool kharch taalo. Invest kar daalo.’ digital campaign

The campaign is aimed at creating brand awareness and promote the habit to invest

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Edelweiss Personal Wealth, the wealth management arm of Edelweiss Wealth Management has announced the launch of its new digital campaign- ‘Don’t waste. Invest.’ (Fizool kharch taalo. Invest kar daalo.).

The campaign is aimed at creating brand awareness and promote the habit to invest.

Today, people are continuously exposed to offers and discounts on their social media account. Easily tempted by these deals, people end up splurging the money that can be easily invested. Gradually, the investments can turn into wealth and secure their future.

Edelweiss’ ad-campaign, therefore, seeks to do two things. Firstly, make people realise their unwise spending behaviour by raising the question: ‘Is your money safe with you?’. Secondly, it advises them to download the Edelweiss Mobile Trader App and sign up to take advantage of trading and investments.

Puneet Gupta, Digital Business & Marketing Head – Personal Wealth, Edelweiss Wealth Management, said, “We often come across people who are reluctant to invest, either because they find it unsafe or due to paucity of money. It is observed that people are often careless with their own money. The ease of making online transactions often lures them into spending irrationally. With this campaign, we wish to educate people and make them aware of how to curb unnecessary expenses and invest that money instead. Because, even the smallest amount, when invested wisely, has the potential to go a long way in securing our future.”

The campaign is targeted towards all earning individuals with an underlying objective of educating them with a right approach to invest. Edelweiss aims to target 12 cities including Tier-I and Tier-II.

The digital campaign will go live on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube. There are a total of two separate videos for this digital campaign and is scheduled to be launched in phases. In these upcoming phases, the campaign will further be leveraged on the OTT platforms as part of the media mix.

The campaign idea has been conceptualised and materialised as a digital video by Ashish Kharwatkar, Independent Creative Director & Consultant, and Edelweiss’ in-house brand team led by Ritika Sachdeva.

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