Dunzo's QR code ad goes viral

The ad is seemingly inspired by the Coinbase Super Bowl finale commercial

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Dunzo's QR code ad goes viral

The viewers of the IPL 2022 finale were left confused when they saw a blank TV screen. The screen then displayed a QR code, and said, "Inconvenience is regretted. Scan for convenience." For the people who managed to scan the QR code, it took them to download the Dunzo app. 

The ad seems to have been inspired by Coinbase's Super Bowl finale commercial. 

The ad had a QR code bouncing across the screen and offered a limited-period $15 worth of free Bitcoins and a chance to win a $3 million giveaway.

Regardless, Dunzo's commercial has now gone viral and has been quite successful for the brand, according to the company. Kabeer Biswas, CEO of Dunzo, in a LinkedIn post said their traffic spiked 10 times in the hours the campaign was run. "Our highest order volume day was surpassed by a massive margin. We now run 2 million weekly orders, this has doubled over the period of the campaign," the post read.

The campaign has also delighted netizens and #InconvenienceIsRegretted started trending on Twitter for a while.

Another Print campaign from the brand, inspired by the famous 'Adarsh Balak' comic series from the 80's, is also winning hearts. The campaign makes fun of all the grocery hacks Indians are known to use. Like a few other start-ups, most of Dunzo's marketing activities are designed by their in-house team.

Dunzo's QR code ad Coinbase Super Bowl