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Dunzo’s latest campaign mourns the sad demise of ‘Fridgesh Coolkarni’

The quick commerce and convenience player’s IPL marketing campaign questions the need to have a refrigerator at home

Dunzo, the quick commerce and convenience player, has launched their IPL marketing campaign that questions the need to have a refrigerator at home.

‘Dunzo Daily’, its 19 minutes grocery delivery service, delivers high-quality daily needs products like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy, meat, snacks, household necessities, hygiene items and more.

The campaign in its pre-launch phase paid tribute to the late ‘Fridgesh Coolkarni’ through hoardings at prime locations in major cities and print ads in leading newspapers. The campaign launched earlier on print and digital ads, recently launched on TV and Hotstar revealing what led to the demise of the fridge.

The campaign launched in Tamil and Hindi saw acceptance on social media. Renowned cricketers like Harbhajan Singh, Virender Sehwag had posted on twitter endorsing the campaign.

There were active discussions on Reddit on the demise of the fridge and the creative approach taken by ‘Dunzo Daily’.

The first campaign video shows a group of people gathered to mourn the death of the fridge. The video answers the questions ‘#KaiseHua’ by stating ‘Dunzo Daily Hua’.

Another video suggests alternate ways in which a fridge could be utilised by showing an instance where a fridge is being used to hang clothes. Two more videos launched recently show a doctor confirming the demise of the fridge and a pile of fridges being carried to a ‘kabadiwala’. 

Sai Ganesh, Head of Brand -  Dunzo, said, “Dunzo Daily has been transforming the way consumers shop for their daily essentials in India.  We wanted to highlight one such revolutionary behaviour- change of stocking less and procuring fresh. The campaign had an exciting pre-launch phase where 3000+ hoardings were put up and on-ground activations conducted with Fridge’s obituary. #KaiseHua was trending on social media. IPL is an exciting time for brands and we have a lot more to reveal before this season ends.”

Dunzo had partnered with creative agency ‘Humour Me’ for the execution of this campaign at a pan-India level.

“We were clear from day one that we didn’t want the brand to compete in a race to the bottom, in a zero-sum game, for the fastest delivery times. The fridge has been the ultimate symbol for preserving freshness. Therefore, the simple idea here was, what if we were to make the fridge obsolete? It automatically communicates eating fresh daily in an unforgettable way. Ultimately, when you think of the freshest groceries, you will think of Dunzo Daily for years to come,” said Dhruv Sachdeva, Founder of Humour Me.

The first phase of ‘Dunzo Daily’ campaign began in August 2021, with the introduction of Dunzo Daily in the city of Bengaluru. The campaign, dubbed 'Grocery ka Drama Chhodo, Dunzo Daily Karo,' was spread over a month and featured four separate films starring Sunny Deol, Puneeth Rajkumar, Sunil Grover, and Karisma Kapoor, respectively. 

The campaign drew parallels between the grocery-related drama in Indian households and every Indian’s go-to place for all things drama - Bollywood. Using iconic dialogues like "Tareekh pe Tareekh" and "Sattar minute hai tumhare paas" to songs like "If you come today", it successfully showcased the exaggerated contrast between the struggle of shopping at alternate places versus the ease of shopping on Dunzo Daily.

For the launch of ‘Dunzo Daily’ in Chennai, Sivaangi Krishnakumar played the character of a Chennai resident explaining to an expat about a lot that Chennai has to offer. She is listing ‘Dunzo Daily’ as its latest addition. 






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