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Six million reels are being produced in India every day: Sandeep Bhushan of Meta

One of the sessions addressed by Sandeep Bhushan, Director & Head of GSM (Global Marketing Solutions) India, Meta, about “Road to the Metaverse: Interaction and Immersion” revealed more about the phygital world’s future

Close to 700 million people are using AR effects across Meta properties each month and six million reels are being produced in India every day, as per Sandeep Bhushan, Director and Head of GSM India, Meta, who was speaking at the ad:tech 2022 Delhi event.

The tenth edition of ad:tech, with the theme of- R.I.S.E. (Responsible, Inclusive, Scalable, Experiential) had its focus on Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and the trends that will shape the future of advertising and marketing.

Bhushan addressed a session “Road to the Metaverse: Interaction and Immersion”, in which he tried to highlight how the phygital world would look like in the future.

Coming on to the scaling reach of digital, and Meta, in particular, he mentioned why businesses need to make the shift from traditional to digital now and prepare for the future. As per the figures shared by Bhushan, 435 million people in India access Facebook every month, there are 200 million businesses on Meta globally, 700 million people use AR effects across meta technologies every month and six million reels are being produced in India every day.

In the course of his address, Bhushan mentioned the four stages of content – Text, Photo, Video, and Immersive.

Apart from elaborating on the immersive experiences in the metaverse, Bhushan said its principles were – “Persistence/Continuity.

“In the metaverse, when someone walks out and then comes back, it’s not the same. Just the way when we step out of a retail outlet and go back after some time, the business has happened and more people came in and the stock has probably run out, purchases are done. It’s the same way in Metaverse,” he said.

“Interoperability – A particular experience can be enjoyed using multiple devices. So, you use an app on your smartphone and then you use the same platform using your computer and you want it exactly where you left it,” he added.

The attendees at the session also got to know about MetaSpark, a tool that can bring multiple things to one single page – a dashboard.

Further, the session was backed by various case studies by Zwift, Byju’s, Lakme and several other brands.

The case studies revealed how these brands are using AR and metaverse to woo more and more consumers and provide them with an immersive experience through their platforms.


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