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Scarecrow M&C Saatchi handcrafts a campaign for Reliance Jewels’ Rannkaar collection

The team took up a challenge to build an integrated ecosystem that captures everything from Rann of Kutch that inspired the latest fine jewellery collection of the brand’s latest collection

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Scarecrow M&C Saatchi together with Reliance Jewels took up a challenge to build an integrated ecosystem that captures everything from Rann of Kutch that inspired the latest fine jewellery collection of Reliance Jewels for the Akshaya Tritya “Rannkaar”.

The “Rannkaar” collection is a tribute to the Rann of Kutch and its intricate ‘karigari’ (craftsmanship). 

This year, the brand heard the clarion call of the only land of white sands in India, the white Rann of Kutch. A land enriched by 35 living arts, each one a colourful tradition, preserved and practiced for generations. “Rannkaar“- where tradition is woven into life.

“For Indians, jewellery is more than just a ‘tola’. It is a story, a heritage, a tradition and an emotion that evokes a pride of possession creating fond memories which then becomes a legacy for generations to come. That’s why every year, the team Reliance Jewels traverses through India to capture and bring to the fore the rich Indian culture, art and crafts and the rich heritage from different regions in every jewellery collection that we craft for our patrons across India. It started with ‘Apurvam’, inspired by Hampi; ‘Utkala’, inspired by the ancient art heritage of Odisha, and ‘Kaasyam’, dedicated to Banaras. The same tradition continues this year with ‘Rannkaar’, inspired by Rann of Kutch,” said Sunil Nayak, CEO Reliance Jewels. 

Scarecrow M&C Saatchi crafted the ‘Rannkaar’ campaign to capture the beauty of the collection presented by the brand.

The larger-than-life film is about a girl who comes to Kutch as a tourist and becomes a traveller when she meets a Rabaran woman from a nomadic community of Kutch. The film follows them as they embark on a musical journey to discover the rich craftsmanship of Kutch while subtly capturing how each art form has inspired the craftsmanship of every jewellery piece from the ‘Raankaar’ collection.

The brand’s Marketing team alongside Scarecrow M&C Saatchi team and a team of renowned names in the industry have brought this ‘Rannkaar’ campaign alive.

There’s another film which can be viewed to hear what the Master Karigars behind the Rannkaar campaign have to say. 

The campaign, set in the Rann of Kutch, is produced by Lens Flare Films and directed by Sachin Kotre. While Sejal Shah, one of the very few specialists who can capture both scale and intricacy in a single frame, is the Director of Photography.

The duo has enriched the film with authentic block prints of Ajrakh, mirror work of Lippan, paintings of Rogan, intricacies of Embroidery, Tie-and-dye art of Bandhani, and carvings of woodwork.

Theatre Director and actor Saba Azad has given the voiceover, while Yusuf Khan has edited the film.

Instead of using Gujarati music, the vision was to create a soulful song and music that will showcase Kutch in all its glory. The brief was to reflect the Rann of Kutch’s grandeur and concurrently, the beautiful grace of its karigari, jewellery, and people, in both lyrics and music.

For lyrics, there has been a conscious attempt by Manish Bhatt with inputs from Rajat Dholakia (Jhuku Sir), Sagar Goswami, and Aditya Gadhvi, to authentically capture the true essence of Gujarat and Kutch’s genuine folk genre.

The song has been composed in two different tempos – Pralamb (slow) and Drut (pace) Taal. While Pralamb reflects the vastness of the Kutch, Drut captures the grace, exuberance and festive soul of the people, and the land.

The composition is brought alive by the sound design, mastering, and mixing by Bishwadeep Chatterjee. The song is sung by Gujarati and Kutchi folk singers – Aditya Gadhvi, Devraj Gadhvi (Nano Dero), and Vandana Gadhvi. The chorus is rendered by Mausam Mehta, Malka Mehta, Isha Nair, and Reema Gaddani.

Fashion and lifestyle photographer Prasad Naik was the default choice for the model shoot in the middle of the white sands of Kutch.

The jewellery shots were treated with equal reverence and executed by Jeetu and Kinnari. Each piece of jewellery has been shot on the backdrop of instruments that are actually used for the design inspiration.

The film and the song have the signature of Kutch. So do the logo, the graphics, and the typeface.

“We got a delightful opportunity to showcase the holistic craftsmanship of the Rann of Kutch with a team of legends who understood the true visual and musical essence of the region,” said Manish Bhatt, the Founder Director of Scarecrow M&C Saatchi.


Agency: Scarecrow M&C Saatchi 

Creative team: Manish Bhatt, Raghu Bhat, Kapil Tammal, Sakhi Shah, Yuvraj Gorule, Kunal Parkar, Rohit Khedkar, Lalit Sakurkar, Tanmay Raul, Shreekant Salwadi, Antara Shinde, Krupa Mehta, Sayali Wadke, Mayuri Patil, Kalpita Powale and Tanvi Deorukhakar

Account Management team: Mangesh Mulajkar, Shamima Pereira, Saransh Pandey, Vinav Nair and Hiten Mav

Studio: Subhash Gade, Mangesh Kasekar, Vikram Dalvi and Sandesh Rane

Admin: Kuldeep Lot, Nitin Desai, Jaykumar Kahar, Arjun Girhe

Reliance Jewels Team: Sunil Nayak, Anup Kondakundi, Piyush Seth, Sonali Shah Sheth, Hitesh Mastram. Aswin Bafne, Rohan Patankar, Tanishka Sharma, Sachi Sharma, Shaswat Doctor, Shribandhu Gupta and Shilpa Ullattuthodiyil

Lyrics: Manish Bhatt

Lyrics Input: Rajat Dholakia, Sagar Goswami, and Aditya Gadhvi

Music Composer: Rajat Dholakia (Jhuku Sir)

Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering: Bishwadeep Chatterjee

Programming and Music Arrangement: Rajiv Bhatt


Dana Bharmal (Ghado Ghamelo and Morchang)

Noor Mohammad Sodha (Jodia Pawa)

Babubhai (Rhythm)

Hirabhai (Santaar & Manjira)

Daksh Dave (Other Percussions)

Lead Vocals: Aditya Gadhvi, Devraj Gadhvi (Nano Dero) and Vandana Gadhvi

Chorus: Mausam Mehta, Malka Mehta, Isha Nair and Reema Gaddani

Voiceover: Saba Azad

Music Studios:

TreeHouse Studio, Ahmedabad (Darshan Shah)

Harmony Studio, Rajkot (Niraj Shah)

Octavius Studio, Mumbai

Orbis – The Studio, Mumbai

Film Production

Production House: Lens Flare Films

Director: Sachin Kotre

Director of Photography: Sejal Shah

Executive Producer: Naveed Khan

Producer: Tia Bandyopadhyay

1st AD: Soumil Shetty

Production Designer: Niyoti and Vinay

Assistants: Priyanka and Himani

DA: Ragini Roy Chowdhary

2nd AD: Rutwik Pankaj Sonawane

3rd AD: Bhakti Parab

1st AC: Sameer Jagdale

Jib Operator: Dinesh Dulgai

Choreographer: Mehul Mehta

LP: Dhiraj Mehra

Production Manager: Sunil Borkar

Production Assistant: Santosh Gupta, Akash Wagachoure

Local LP: Bhavin Khetani and team (Shivik Entertainment )

Production Controller: Sachin Babar

Production Manager: Chaitanya Khandare

Production: Nilesh and Bhavya

Local Casting: Durgash Joshi

Local Art Team

Art Directors: Abhishek and Kaushik

Costume Stylist: Aasia Abbas

Assistant: Priya More

Makeup Artist: Danica Drego

Hair: Mehul Trivedi

Post Production:

Offline Editor: Yusuf Khan

Colourist: Vineesh Vijayan (Studio Skwer)

Online Editor: Pranay Shegde

Post Supervisors: Sadanand Thakur & Ayaz Shaikh


Tourist: Aditi Sharma

Rabari: Neha Chauhan

Supporting Actors:

Mooralala Marwada

Dana Barmal (Ghado Ghamelo)

Noor Mohammad Sodha (Jodia Pawa)

Usman Jat (Surrando)

Padma Shri Abdul Gafur Khatri (Rogan painting)

Musa Khatri (Ajrakh print)

Print Production:

Model Photographer: Prasad Naik

Production: Raka Entertainment (Rakesh Shirke)

Makeup stylist: Florian Hurel

Fashion Stylist: Shaurya Athley

Casting Director: DS Media

Models: Shihij Kaw and Heer Achhra

Line Producer: Gujrat Line Production CO

Product Shoot:

Photographers: Jeetu Kapadia & Kinnari Sanghavi (Jeetu & Kinnari)

Image Retouching: Sachin Misal

Product Styling: Kinnari Sanghavi

Behind the Scenes:

Samvedna Group

Himanshu Raste

Nidhi Vyas

Daksh Dave

Sagar Goswami

Jenish Mandliya

Special Thanks To:

Shrujan LLDC Museum

Ami Shroff

Vishal Makwana

Pramodbhai Jethi

Mukesh & Hirji Vankar

Pabiben Rabari

Anirudh Ahir

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