Moneycontrol takes on Economic Times in a print ad

The financial news platform has released a full-page ad in the Tuesday edition of Hindustan Times

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Moneycontrol takes on Economic Times in a print ad

Financial news platform Moneycontrol has taken on Economic Times in a full-page print ad released in the Tuesday edition of Hindustan Times.

In the advertisement, Moneycontrol has claimed that it has surpassed its competitor, The Economic Times, to fortify its position as the ‘No. 1 Financial News Destination’ in India.

As per Moneycontrol, data from the Comscore Multiplatform report for Feb 2022 shows that it has surpassed its contender in Unique Visitors (UVs), average time spent and other key traffic parameters.

Moneycontrol put forth data to substantiate its claims:

  • Moneycontrol's unique visitors of 42.39 million have surpassed ET’s (41.65 million).
  • Moneycontrol’s total views of 378 million are 97% more than ET’s (192 million)
  • Moneycontrol’s total time spent (total minutes in Comscore) of 1,382 minutes is 329% more than ET’s (322).
  • Moneycontrol’s Average Minutes Per Visitor on the page is 32.6 minutes, which is 323% more than ET’s (7.7)

In a statement released earlier, Moneycontrol had said, “The data testify that readers seek valuable market and business news, and increasingly reach Moneycontrol for the most credible and real-time news updates. The destination of choice remains the same, whether it is coverage of market uncertainty, timely newsbreaks, comprehensive analysis, or sharp commentary. Moneycontrol’s clear and compelling journalism through varied formats of digital journalism such as live blogs, videos, podcasts and agenda-setting opinion articles on a raft of topics, caters to the needs of a larger discerning audience base, who remain loyal to the brand, and we thank them for the faith.”

Economic Times Moneycontrol print ad