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Glance launches Glance TV for Android TVs in India

It will give users Live streams and real-time interactions that transform passive television content consumption to an active social experience

Consumer internet company Glance has announced the launch of Glance TV - a live, interactive content platform for the home screen of Android smart TVs.

With live content and real-time on-screen interactions for users, Glance TV aims to completely transform the way people experience television. 

Glance TV with its programming, personalisation and strong social elements will help users to break out of the passive, limited and isolated viewing experience, and become a part of the shows they watch.  

Glance TV users can interact directly in real-time with their favourite stars on their television home screens. They can attend personalised fitness training sessions, watch interactive cooking shows with celebrity chefs, or enjoy sports in community watch-alongs that replicate immersive, stadium-like atmospheres.

Within shows, users can interact and shape the direction of the content through live comments, reactions, and polls. Using QR codes on live TV, users can buy tickets for movies and events, shop live, and even get their social media posts featured on Glance TV streams.       

Glance TV will offer off-beat, personalised snackable content of 5-20 minutes duration, across categories such as sports, entertainment, infotainment, e-sports, current affairs, lifestyle, food, and fitness, unlike standardised long-form TV shows. 

It has partnered with major content providers that include Zee5, Epic On and Docubay to provide users fresh, personalised and premium content every day.

“Glance has reimagined the lock screen of smartphones into a live screen for personalised, LIVE content. With Glance TV, we want to redefine television experiences just as we did with smartphones. This is TV in a way that has never been seen before and is a true innovation that extends the Live experience that Glance delivers on lock screens to television home screens,” said Piyush Shah, Co-founder of InMobi Group and President and COO of Glance.  

“With Glance TV, our intention is to remove the age-old connotation of TV being an idle way to pass time and change the perception of TV as the ‘idiot box’. Glance TV gives users the experience where they can be active while watching TV and can express themselves directly on the big screen, within virtual communities of fellow users,” said Manish Gupta, Senior Vice-President and GM, Glance.  

Glance TV aims to be present on approximately 30% of all smart TVs in India soon. The company plans to make Glance TV available globally and also intends to develop the same for other smart TV operating systems.

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