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CNN-News18 to launch prime-time show ‘Plain Speak’

As per the channel, it will be a hard-hitting confrontational news show and will air every weekday at 7 pm

CNN-News18 is aiming to change the prime-time game with its new show ‘Plain Speak’, which will air every weekday at 7 pm.

The show, as per the channel, is a path-breaking news show on news television that aims to call out the wrongdoers, bringing out the hard facts of the most talked-about news story of the day.

Senior Associate Editor and the channel's prime-time anchor Shivani Gupta will present the show in her style, confronting those trying to mislead the people of India, and present the truth in the most hard-hitting fashion.

Zakka Jacob, Managing Editor, CNN-News18, said, “This fast-paced early prime-time show is aimed at breaking the monotony of news dissemination. This show aims to provide a perspective on the day's news developments along with the right dose of debate that will hook the viewers to watch the prime-time line-up. As the name suggests, the show will not be aimed at pleasing everyone. As in DNA of CNN-News18, ‘Plain Speak’ looks to push the envelope and bring out the hard truth that the viewer wants to hear.”

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