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JetSynthesys aims to be the Indian version of Google from US and Tencents from China

Founder and CEO Rajan Navani speaks about the company’s growth plans after brand revamp

Digital entertainment and technology company JetSynthesys has recently revamped its identity. The new logo, as described by Rajan Navani, Founder and CEO, JetSynthesys, is “A living logo or a living identity.”

While speaking with BestMediaInfo.com about the overall identity revamp plan, Navani said, “Definitely there’s a lot more to it which is why we aren’t calling it a logo revamp but an identity revamp. One is primarily the cultural change in the way we are thinking of the future from where we are today. Another thing is that within that J, we are demonstrating what some of those touchpoint brands are in a more colourful, gen-Z way.”

JetSynthesys primarily focuses on three segments – Gaming & E-sports, Entertainment and Wellness and livelihoods. The new identity, represented through their logo also puts across its various brands at different touchpoints.

“We’ve got digital brands that will touch you in different ways when you’re a part of a gaming and e-sports ecosystem,” said Navani as he spoke about various brands under the umbrella of JetSynthesys.

Further, he stressed upon being an ecosystem and said, “Our is an ecosystem play. Before realising that we needed to build a gaming studio or build game development capabilities, we built Nodwin because without giving visibility to a gamer on how he or she can move from being a casual to a professional gamer, there’s no point putting up studios in India.”

When asked about the one business goal that the company is chasing, Navani said, “JetSynthesys wants to be the new-age digital, entertainment, digital community platform coming out of India that would have the Indian way or the Indian equivalent of either a Google out of the US or Tencent out of China. That’s the ambition and that’s the vision of what we are trying to build. What will that be and when will that be and the size and scale is something we will wait for. But that’s a very large vision and therefore I always say – even today we are just 5% of our journey. We have a long way to go.”

Focus on gaming

As per various industry reports, the Indian gaming industry is expected to reach Rs 143 billion by 2022 and JetSynthesys is anticipating huge possibilities here.

Sharing his plans for the gaming sector, Navani said, “We are looking at gaming as a separate investment platform. When we look at an ecosystem, we’re going to build some parts of that ecosystem, some parts we’re going to buy and some we will just invest in for strategic purposes.”

“Some of the numbers that we’ve seen on Sky Esports recently were phenomenal. We had an India record with the Sky Esports championship where we garnered 2.3 lakh concurrent viewers for the finals and 5 million viewers in a day. This is huge given that these are very nascent businesses even today,” he went on to say.

“The way JetSynthesys approached gaming and e-sports as an ecosystem has actually played a very large role in creating huge attention around gaming,” Navani added further.

He also spoke about the potential of the Indian gaming market. He said, “As India will unlock its potential from a one billion to five billion dollar market opportunity over the next 3-4 years out of a 90 billion dollar global industry, we would be able to leverage that both through our investments and operational businesses.”

Focus on entertainment

In 2021, the company announced an investment of INR 200 crores into the Indian entertainment sector over the next three years to ramp up its foothold in the space further. While sharing more about the investment plan, Navani mentioned short video and music as their focus areas.

He said, “The entertainment industry for us is at a breakout stage when it comes to looking at monetisation. When you look at music and short format video, it’s a huge opportunity that is unlocking in India.”

“That Rs 200 crore investment came along with the announcement of Warner strategic partnership. So, we would be investing deeper in Bharat and deeper in taking a larger part of the global music market. The second big one is consumer platforms like – Wakau, Vi-Tune, which are short-format video platforms. Short video platforms absorb a lot more cash and deliver a little on the revenue side. But they created huge value,” he went on to say.

Notably, the short video platform Wakau received investment from Adar Poonawalla in exchange for a 20% stake and also has Amitabh Bachchan as a share-holder.

Promotional bets

JetSynthesys being a digital-first company would always take the digital-first route to reach out to its consumers. While sharing his thoughts on the same, Navani said, “Digital will always be our first choice as we go forward. But increasingly, we will be spending in print and TV.”


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