BARC India releases ratings for the news genre after 17 months

The ratings for the news genre were suspended on October following the Acquisory Consulting report that unearthed massive manipulations

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BARC India releases ratings for the news genre after 17 months

BARC India has released the ratings for the news genre after 17 months. The ratings were released today for the period of Week 6 to Week 10 barring NDTV channels.

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According to the relative share data (8 Hindi National News Channels, who had opted in for historic data; NCCS: All, 15+ yrs, Rolling average, HSM) for Wk 6-10’22, Aaj Tak is at No. 1 with 24.9% relative share. TV9 Bharatvarsh is at No. 2 with 22.8% relative share. Republic Bharat sits at No. 3 with 19.4% relative share.

Zee News came in at No. 4 with 15.7% relative share followed by Zee Hindustan at No. 5 with 7.2% of relative share. News Nation sits at No. 6 with 7% relative share. DD News and India News were at No. 7 and No. 8 with 2% and 1% relative viewership, respectively.

Five channels - India TV, ABP News, News18 India, Good News Today and News24 had opted out from the historic data.

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According to the relative share data sourced from multiple sources for Wk 10'22 (5th -11th Mar'22), (NCCS: All, 15+ yrs, Rolling average, HSM, 13 Hindi National News Channel), TV9 Bharatvarsh has gained from its war coverage and the channel is sitting at the top with 16.9% relative share. It must be noted that the channel had delivered similar numbers during China's aggression in June 2020.

Aaj Tak is No. 2 with 14.8% relative share.

At No. 3 is Republic Bharat with 13.4% relative share.

India TV is at No. 4 with 12% relative share.

Zee News sits at No 5 with 10.2 relative share.

News18 India is at No. 6 with 9% relative share.

At No. 7 is ABP News with 6.6% relative share.

Zee Hindustan is at No. 8 with 4.6% relative share.

News Nation is the No. 9 channel with 4.1% relative share.

Good News Today garnered 3.8% relative share and sat at No. 10.

At No. 11, News24 has 2.9% relative share.

DD News sits at No. 12 with 1.1% relative share.

India News is at No. 13 with 0.6% relative share.

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Among English news channels (Wk 10’22, All India, 22+ M AB), Republic TV, which aired Hindi feed during vote counting hours, sits at No. 1 with 35.3% relative share.

Times Now stands at No. 2 with 19.4% relative share.

India Today Television closely followed at No. 3 with 18% relative share.

At No. 4, CNN-News18 sits at 15.7% relative share.

Wion is at No. 5 with 6.4% relative share.

Mirror Now is at No. 6 with 3.4% relative share.

NewsX and India Ahead sit at No. 7 and No. 8 with 0.9% market share each.

Aaj Tak BARC India TV9 Bharatvarsh Aaj Tak is No. 1 TV9 Bharatvarsh at No. 2