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Viacom18 launches Fully Faltoo NFT; unveils 3013 tokens

With the launch of Fully Faltoo NFT, the brand aims to create a real time community of NFT holders

The YME cluster of Viacom18, after setting the internet abuzz with their collection of digital art pieces, has launched their NFT marketplace, FullyFaltooNFT.com. At the launch, in the first drop it has unveiled 3013 tokens for end users.

MTV Bakra fame Cyrus Broacha made a purchase at the live event and bought the iconic Bakra urf G.O.A.T. NFT that is inspired by the prankster from the 90s.

The event started with a panel discussion on future of NFTs in India between Anshul Ailawadi - Business Head, YME, Viacom18; Keyur Patel - Co-Founder, Guardian Link; Vani Kola – Founder & Managing Director, Kalaari Capital; and Akshita Gandhi – Leading NFT artist.

Anshul Ailawadi

Ailawadi, speaking on how they are planning to educate the consumers, said, “One thing that we realised was that as youth brands, we ourselves are learning about this space. So just imagine young people, or anyone who wants to get into space. We’ve got a creative and marketing team to actually work on the campaigns which would be on TV, social media and digital and so on to really de-simplify, de-mystify this space of what NFTs are.”

Keyur Patel

Patel, stressing on the uniqueness factor, said, “A bitcoin or a dollar can be replaced. But NFTs can’t be replaced. They are unique.” Another comparison that Patel gives was of Pokémon cards that were famous in the 90s. He said, “I want to trade with you in exchange for a Pokémon card, each card is unique and has its own value. Imagine that in a digital form.”  

“In this year, I believe, we will see a lot of utility-driven NFTs where NFTs will be applied for various applications and games or various other purposes that we are using for and I also envision a lot of brands that will come onboard and will launch their NFTs,” he added.

Kola, on the other hand, shared her experience of being introduced to NFTs. She said, “When some of the big NFT purchases happened like Beeple, that was kind of a wake-up call. Until then you treated it like it was a fad or something. But then I started to understand what it actually is, which is like a year-and-a-half of firehose learning. And to me it was like a 1992 internet moment.”

Gandhi mentions Art Basel, a for-profit, privately owned international art fair, where she heard a lot about NFTs. “I got in touch with Julia Pavlovski who was starting this all women platform for NFTs and she said why don't you drop an NFT and create something where you stick with your current medium but you give it a digital touch.”

Powered and facilitated by GuardianLink.io, Fully Faltoo NFTs, gives the end user access to artworks inspired from various shows aired on Viacom18 platforms.

The artworks will be available to purchase globally across two categories – Loot & Rare. The loot collection will have 3000 art pieces and will allow digital art patrons to bid for digital collectibles like ‘Bakra urf G.O.A.T’, ‘Rangu The Champ’, ‘Winging it aka Wing it like Wingnesh’ amongst others starting at $10 which they will get to own basis a randomiser.

The rare collection, with 13 art pieces, will be available to bid for at a reserve price of $50. The collection includes several NFTs specifically for Gen Z with some of them being – Biriyani Revolution, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, Sturt-o-sphere Cat, A Panda’s grey Anatomy, Majnu’s Da Man and Dunk that Junk, Punk.

Owners of the rare collection will win the collectible at the end of a seven-day bid period. The buyers of rare collectibles also stand a chance to meet and greet MTV stars.


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