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TV9 Bangla all set to air “Bangaliana Telethon” on February 6

TV9 Network CEO, Barun Das, will host the Telethon along with the industry veterans and intellectuals such as – Gautam Ghose, Arpita Chatterjee, Anirban Bhattacharya, Ritabhari Chakraborty

“Bangaliana Telethon,” a programme designed to celebrate TV9 Bangla’s first anniversary will be aired live from 2 pm onwards on February 6, 2022, Sunday,

The programme will celebrate the achievements of Bengalis across the globe as well as conduct a serious soul-search leading to a candid discussion on the glorious past and present of the race as well as try to peep into the collective crystal ball of the Bengalis.

It will be a freewheeling discussion in which eminent, accomplished, and promising Bengalis in various fields such as literature, culture, music, films, theatre, politics, business, industry, and women empowerment will participate.

Hosted by the TV9 Network’s CEO Barun Das, the telethon will be co-hosted by celebrities such as filmmaker Gautam Ghosh and actors Arpita Chatterjee, Anirban Bhattacharya and Ritabhari Chakraborty.

The discussion will begin with broad- spectrum sessions divided into 11 segments on the significance of the past of the Bengalis, where they stand now and what is the way forward for a race that once played a leadership role in diverse fields in the country. The ‘Bengal Renaissance’, the period of awakening and arguably the golden period of achievements of Bengalis, would be a reference point of the discussions and how the race surged ahead to lead the nation in virtually all aspects of public life and creativity.

Barun Das, CEO, TV Network, said, “TV9 Bangla would mobilise and sensitise about 10 crore Bengalis in the quest for their glory. To deliberate on the present and think of a roadmap for the future. We intend to set up an advisory board consisting of eminent personalities who are the legends in their respective fields. The exclusive board would enrich the endeavour and guide us through this journey for our mission seeking rejuvenation of Bangaliana.”

Some of the deliberations will focus on whether the lack of entrepreneurial spirit of Bengalis or their quest for a safe and secure life as an employee doing a job poses an impediment to their entrepreneurship, the relevance of Bengalis in national political arena, the rather small market for Bengali films and books, the lack of “professionalism” of Bengali theatre, the position of women empowerment among Bengalis, the state of the music industry in Bengal.

Through a free-wheeling discussion TV9 Bangaliana will attempt to create a platform to discuss the present and future of one of the races that make up the rich mosaic that is India.


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