Supari Studios creates digital campaign for Krafton Inc's Battlegrounds Mobile India

The content studio has created two films packed with humour and powerful storytelling focusing on inclusive gaming for BGMI

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Supari Studios creates digital campaign for Krafton Inc's Battlegrounds Mobile India

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Supari Studios—the content studio vertical of new-media network Kulfi Collective—has collaborated with Krafton Inc, South Korean video game developer, for a digital campaign for its online multiplayer battle royale game, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

This collaboration saw Supari Studios conceptualise and create two TV ads revolving around how while society may judge and not accept people for who they are, they can still be their true selves in the world of BGMI.

Launched in 2021, BGMI is created and published by Krafton Inc, to cater to the Indian audience. Post its successful launch —the battle royale video game is now focusing on reaching potential untapped audiences and garner new users through this online campaign.

Keeping in mind the popularity of the game and its ethos, the team at Supari Studios crafted two short clips to showcase and shape the narrative that BGMI is a destination where any individual who is looking out for entertainment and is keen to have an immersive gaming experience is welcome. One does not have to be a professional gamer to enjoy the game and can find their own squad here. Furthermore, the films also delve into the journey and life cycle of a gamer. 

The two films focus on two distinct themes by highlighting relevant and relatable instances faced by people—the first film showcases a montage of people from different walks of life—college students, chefs and a person of age—who are made to feel like social misfits initially. However, after being introduced to BGMI, where they are accepted despite their backgrounds, they finally experience belongingness with fellow gamers and feel comfortable in their own skins. 

Meanwhile, the second film takes a humorous approach to highlight the psyche of a solo gamer. Through a job interview scenario contrasting with passionate gaming, the clip showcases how people have to pretend and inhibit themselves in a formal setting. Nonetheless, BGMI provides them with a space where they can be their unpretentious, raw and authentic self and let go of all inhibitions.

Parikshit Vivekanand - Creative Director - Supari Studios said, “Through the two films, we aimed to show that there exists a gamer within everyone, and BGMI is the perfect destination to discover that calling. While the first film attempts to desensitise the stereotypes existing in the gaming community, the second one explores the duality in the lives of gamers when they unleash their true self in BGMI versus their behaviour in a formal setting.”

Mitali Sharma - VP, Content Development - Supari Studios, added, “Gaming gives people an opportunity to be true to themselves. Moreover, it offers a sense of belonging by allowing them to bond with friends or family. Keeping this in mind, the films we developed for KRAFTON, Inc aimed to present BGMI as a platform having no qualms about who the player is—anyone can sign up, start playing and genuinely be themselves.”

Advait Gupt - Co-founder and CEO - Kulfi Collective, said, “We’re thrilled to have collaborated with Krafton Inc for this campaign. The gaming ecosystem is growing exponentially in India, and BGMI and its awesome community of mobile gamers lie at the centre of this growth. BGMI as a game is shaping culture as we know it, and through this campaign, we were keen to craft a distinct voice for the brand by celebrating the passion and uniqueness of its community. We’re just scratching the surface with the gaming universe and are excited to tell many more stories in this space in the coming months.”

Supari Studios Krafton Inc's Battlegrounds Mobile India