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Future Generali India Life Insurance launches ‘#BharosaPapaJaisa’ campaign

The campaign focuses on educating customers towards the need for taking advice from trusted financial advisors, who are trained by FGILI to look after consumer’s interest

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With an aim to transform the consumer mindset concerning the insurance industry which is often bogged down by confusion and mistrust

Future Generali India Life Insurance (FGILI), has recently launched the #BharosaPapaJaisa campaign with the aim to transform the consumer mindset concerning the insurance industry, which is often bogged down by confusion and mistrust.

The campaign reiterates the trust that individuals have in their fathers being the key decision-makers and believes that fathers are the ones to protect them with the #BharosaPapaJaisa campaign.

Further, through the 360-degree campaign, Future Generali India Life Insurance wants to convey its offering of being the most trusted advisor and solution provider helping consumers secure their financial future. 

The campaign highlights the challenges such as the hiding of critical terms and conditions, challenges in getting returns, the promise of high returns, and more. It shows how consumers can overcome these hurdles and educates them through this campaign.

The campaign covers the real-life challenges faced by customers while buying a life insurance policy. To help them overcome these hurdles and to educate them, the company launched the ‘Trust campaign’.  

The campaign with three digital films will be launched in three phases with different storylines, revolving around the challenges faced by customers while they interact and transact with the insurance category.

Dubbed in four languages the campaign will be promoted on various digital channels including YouTube and Facebook to maximise the reach in relevant geographies.

The first film shows how every family has a certain relative who tries to sell a policy with big promises and using the strength of relationships, shies away from sharing critical Terms and conditions, whereas Trusted advisors of Future Generali India Life Insurance share everything with transparency.

The second video focuses on how customers are bombarded with spam messages and calls promising fabulous returns and luring them to purchase the policy.

While, the last video revolves around a doctor who tries to give advice on life insurance policies.

Through this video, the company is trying to bring out the message that there are several options available in the market but customers should choose with caution. All the films project the central idea that Future Generali India Life Insurance and its trusted advisors will stand by customers, understand their needs and suggest products suitable to their needs. 

Ashish Tiwari, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Future Generali India Life Insurance Company, said, “In our society, in most households, the father is the sole provider and financial decision-maker of the family. He is the one responsible for the family’s wellbeing and comfort. And since the father is our core TG, we want to keep him in focus to tell our campaign story. Future Generali India Life Insurance stands for protection and prevention, these are two key pillars that build trust in any relationship. We have used real-life examples and situations that all of us face while communicating our story and I am certain that this would help educate consumers to take advice from experts, and become part of our growing community of consumers who trust us for looking after their interests.”

The 3 films will roll out on a periodic basis. Each film will be covered in three phases - phase one will see the teaser campaign on social media. Phase two will see the launch of the brand film and customer/employee engagement activities. In phase three, social media will be used to sustain the campaign.

There will be an on-ground engagement around the campaign at Future Generali India Life Insurance offices as well.

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