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^atom launches its NFTs studio with future employees

The creative agency, which is also the founding partner of by The Network, aims to become the go-to shop for digital collectables for brands

With the belief that Metaverse will play a significant role in the next decade of advertising and to be ready in terms of creation and monetisation, ^atom network has started an in-house studio with the launch of four metaverse employees.

These four metaverse employees are named The Backbone, The Powerhouse, The Imagination Messenger, and The SWOT Cat, and they will be the future employees who will take care of briefs from any part of the world.

These characters represent an inclusive, boundaryless, and fearless future of advertising and are currently listed on Rarible -- .

The agency, which is also the founding partner of by The Network, is working with independent creators, NFT marketplaces, and 3D artists to create digital assets for the Metaverse and make it more seamless for brands to explore the web 3.0 space. 

^atom network's vision is to propel India's presence in the global NFT communities deeper and help new-age artists find their mojo to craft the next chapter of the Internet. 

Metaverse is the communication of the future, and the network believes that it will be the most entertaining way to interact with people in a virtual ecosystem.

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