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VRXtream’s new Metaverse platform for events comes integrated with NFT marketplace

The platform integrated with NFT marketplace facilitates networking, conducting social and entertainment events in the Metaverse

VRXtream, the next-gen immersive event platform, has announced the launch of Metaverse of events equipped with AR and VR technologies. The platform is integrated with NFT marketplace that facilitates networking, conducting social and entertainment events in the Metaverse.

In-person events are known for providing a myriad of opportunities to network, build meaningful connections and interact with attendees and sponsors. However, with the outbreak of the pandemic, conducting and attending events has started becoming more difficult leading to huge losses for the companies.

Considering the uncertainty of the market, VRXtream capitalises on the capabilities of blockchain technology and VR to elevate the event experience from Zoom meetings to an interactive VR and AR experience.

The platform offers a complete suite of immersive, engaging and feature-aided events instantaneously customisable with VR Spaces, NFT characters and NFT elements. 

The multiple Virtual Spaces featured on the Metaverse platform can be customised for events and are packed with features that enable easy organisation, management and interaction at the same time.

Jai Prakash, Co-Founder and CEO of VRXtream, said, “The transition of the conventional events industry to virtual space has created a new set of audience – people who could now attend events that were previously inaccessible to them. As technology is advancing, we are using the capabilities of blockchain technology and Virtual Reality to create a Metaverse for the events industry. With VRXtream, we look forward to elevating the experience of the events and making it more immersive and interactive.”

VRXtream also leverages blockchain technology to convert all digital assets into NFTs that are secure, tradeable and provide real-ownership authority to buyers.

The users can buy VR spaces on VRXtream as NFTs that can be rented out to event organisers for marketing, organising and conducting the events. All transactions for buying and renting the space and organising and conducting the events will be done using the VRXT token – the platform’s default token.

Furthermore, the platform allows the organisers to sell advertising space, sponsorship and access(passes) to the event with all the transactions being facilitated through smart contracts DAOs. Besides this, the interested participants/attendees at the events can enter the VR spaces by purchasing character customisable NFTs to ensure personalised branding and can be reflected via character NFTs in the VR event.

After the launch, VRXtream envisions to be a forerunner in building its exclusive Metaverse platform and aims to close seed, private and public sale of NFTs in the first quarter of 2022. Further, it is planning for MVP and NFT Marketplace Launch, SDK Launch and VRXT Token Listing by the second quarter of 2022.

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