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Memechat launches NFT marketplace for memes ‘The Meme Club’

The platform will allow memers to monetise viral memes

Meme-creating platform MemeChat has launched an NFT (non-fungible tokens) marketplace- The Meme Club (TMC). The platform aims to provide meme creators, collectors, and other interested parties the opportunity to buy and sell memes globally.

The marketplace has been announced to maximise the monetary potential of memes in the blockchain ecosystem.

For memes that originated on MemeChat the process to prove original ownership of a meme is quite simple. Once the ownership is proven and the meme is registered, the creator can monetise the meme by registering it as an NFT and then selling it on the marketplace either via direct sale or an auction.

One of the USPs of the club is helping creators recognise the real power of meme trends and the access to make it happen. TMC enables members of the community to collectively vote on what goes trending in the future.

MemeChat will drive a strategy to get those memes hit a certain viral ergonomic. TMC will provides benefits to its community like online events, NFT airdrops, meme community gatherings, regular supply of merchandise and more.

Other than meme creators and collectors, TMC is also targeted at businesses and brands that wish to buy popular memes as part of their marketing effort and crypto traders who want to cash in on the rising popularity of memes. It also offers an investment opportunity with the potential of high trading interest.

Kyle Fernandes - Co founder, CEO, MemeChat, said, “MemeChat has been making viral trends for over two years. With the launch of The Meme Club, every NFT that is minted by the creator acts as a pass into the club to receive added benefits. The biggest advantage lies in being a part of a community with access to MemeChat’s viral tools. The community can play a decisive role on viral content as the members can collectively vote on viral memes.”

“As NFT is at a very nascent stage in India, we will ensure that we educate the audience on the power of the platform in the first few months. We chose the blockchain ecosystem to make sure that all transactions remain transparent and efficient,” he added.

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