Zee Media reveals findings from opinion polls ahead of 5-state elections

The opinion poll with the largest sample size, as per the news network's claims, was conducted with the help of DesignBoxed

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Zee Media reveals findings from opinion polls ahead of 5-state elections

The findings of the opinion poll exercise conducted by news network Zee Media Corporation will be revealed on Monday, January 17. The opinion poll exercise was conducted as a part of the network’s election-coverage campaign.

The outcome of the opinion poll will be launched across the news channels of Zee Media.

The opinion poll, which the news network claims was conducted with the largest sample size, was aimed to create more viewership for the channel and engage existing viewers with comprehensive reporting on the elections. 

The big five state elections are scheduled for early next month and Zee Media initiated to gather maximum popularity among viewers with first-mover advantage and viewership through the engaging and interactive opinion poll.

The first phase of Zee Media’s campaign focused on ‘Why do opinion polls fail?’. To promote participation from the audiences, there were iPhones on offer as gratification. This question provided an insight into why the audiences didn’t trust the opinion polls – the sample size was often too small and didn’t represent the voice of various stakeholders.

This feedback was then considered and in the second phase, Zee media revealed- ‘Desh ke itihaas ka sabse bada chunavi opinion poll’, that is, the opinion poll with the largest-ever sample size in the history of elections in India.

The large sample size not only gave a comprehensive opinion but also represents the voice of all sections of the populace.

Anindya Khare, Marketing Head, Zee Media said, "News viewers had stopped believing in the numerous opinion polls conducted around elections simply because it wasn’t representational enough. Our extensive activity and research helped us with this insight, and at Zee Media we used our resources to create the biggest opinion poll of the election season, with the largest-sample size ever. We have created a comprehensive, genuine and transparent opinion poll in the history of elections to regain the trust of the viewers.”

This exercise was conducted with the help of DesignBoxed, a political research and campaign management company.

Naresh Arora of DesignBoxed said, “Talking to over 15 lakh voters in five states, the Zee Media-DesignBoxed survey is using multiple checks and balances for accuracy. Surveying each constituency separately, we are going to bring to the nation the most precise picture of these five states,”

The news network plans to have extensive coverage from all 690 constituencies of all five states in the upcoming polls.

Zee Media DesignBoxed opinion poll