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Zee Zest launches its web platform catering to six different lifestyle categories aims to break into the top 5 publishers in lifestyle in the next 3-5 years

Zeel’s lifestyle channel Zee Zest has launched its new offering called Zee Zest said that the website with its unique and differentiated content has led to 3 million+ users in its soft launch phase.

Going beyond television, will offer insights across categories - Food, Travel, Health, Culture, Style & Beauty and Homes. Spread across multi-formats such as shows, recipes, articles, original videos, web stories, multilinguals; it aims at generating curiosity and making the aspirational lifestyle more accessible. While the most consumed content format remains videos, the millennial-friendly web platform will aim at catering to consumer needs through a variety of content with focus on upcoming digital-first IPs. Along with access to Zee Zest shows, the website will also host contests on an on-going basis to engage with users.

Amit Nair, Business Head, Zee Zest, said, “Over the last few years we have seen a major growth in lifestyle content consumption with people wanting to express their individuality and seeking to live a higher quality life. is uniquely positioned to be that guide for the urban millennial and the youth to express themselves sharply whether its food/travel/homes and health. The strategy of having a strong TV+ digital presence helps to capture a sizable user base that spends on the diverse categories to always stay several notches ahead. The future sees multiple India Originals for TV, Digital first ideas and initiatives that will raise the bar for lifestyle content delivering immersive and engaging IPs with key focus on user and revenue growth.”

Amit Shah, Chief Cluster Officer - West, North and Premium at Zee Zest, said, “With the phenomenal success garnered by Zee Zest within a span of just one year, we are now thrilled to launch the website that will house original and quality content across lifestyle categories. Digital will play an important role in our overall strategy and we will be a unique brand that will have both linear, digital and social presence and thereby be an attractive option for advertisers. With the ambitious goal of breaking into the top 5 publishers in lifestyle, the path is clearly chalked out for the next 3-5 years of bringing together content, community and commerce.”

“With 5.89 million monthly page views and more than 3 million active users every month, is an ideal platform for brands to advertise and they now have the choice to opt for running their campaigns On Television + Digital or either one depending on their campaign objectives,” Zee Zest said in a press statement.

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