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Michelin India’s #SafeOnMichelin campaign is a hit with the netizens

The campaign reached 45 million people through YouTube and another 105 million through Twitter

The past few days have been witnessing a compelling contest by the tyre manufacturer Michelin with the #SafeonMichelin campaign trending on Twitter for 16 days.

The campaign was launched as a part of their initiative to throw light on the importance of using tyres made of good quality, through sustainable practices as well guarantee above-average shelf life.

#SafeonMichelin has been successful in striking user attention towards the quality and build of the company’s tyres.

The campaign was divided into two parts for better understanding and to avoid confusion.

The first part of this campaign is centred on users who can guess the names of cities using clues mentioned in influencer-based videos. There are different videos and there are several city names available in different videos.

The second part of the campaign highlights the safety parameter of the Michelin tyres in more detail. Here, shop owners and dealers were contacted to share their experience and perspective on the Michelin tyres and an unadulterated opinion on the product was shared by the influencers.

#SafeOnMichelin campaign was able to reach 45 million people through YouTube and another 105 million through Twitter.

Gagan Choudhary is a known face for reviewing various vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. In his review of the BMW G310R, he surprised his viewers by finding the mystery box from Michelin in the top box of the bike.

The motorhead described the brand’s tyres as the best in the industry. He also remembers a video from the past where he had spoken about the company and the quality of the tyres in great detail. He showed the mystery box to the viewers and asked them to try out as many guesses as they can, since it won’t attract any negative marking. He also shared that the results will be posted on the official Twitter handle of #MichelinIndia.

Former actor and model Satya Saggar who is now a full-time travel blogger praised the Michelin tyres by calling them unparallel leaders of the tyre industry. He unravelled the box and introduced the mystery puzzle to the viewers. The answers to the contest need to be tweeted or commented on by mentioning the name of the city in the box along with #SafeOnMichelin. He further added that he is already guessing the city name and so should all of us.

The channel Wroom With Kiran Sachin added an element of suspense in revealing the mystery box. They interrupted their vlog but did not reveal the contest till the end of the video. He explained the importance of tyres before revealing the mystery box.

The success of this campaign under the leadership of Abhishek Joshi, the head of digital marketing at Michelin, has highlighted the importance of safety in vehicles by making apt use of social media.

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