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News18 Bangla’s ‘Puro-Yuddo’ promises comprehensive electoral programming line-up

It includes 5 new programmes, presenting an in-depth coverage of the Kolkata Municipal Elections

News18 Bangla has launched ‘Puro Yuddo’, a comprehensive electoral programming line-up, which, translates to Municipal Battle.

The new programming began on December 1 and will air each evening at 6.30 pm and 10.30 pm, until the municipal elections, on the platform.

With Municipal elections around the corner, the channel has curated a holistic programming line-up, designed to cater to its audience base.

The channel will present 12- hours of fact-based news coverage, while covering perspectives that range from politicos to the common man; and from celebrities to opinion makers. Each show will host analysis of well researched data on public views, politicians’ participation, and data on voting.

‘Puro-Yuddho’ will cover:

1 ‘Paray Paray Puro yuddho’ (Election fights on the street)

The channel will ensure extensive reach into as many neighbourhoods as possible, to examine the real situation on ground and highlight the poll mood. Each show will be hosted from a specific candidate’s area.

2 Tarokar Para (Ground review with celebrity)

The channel’s teams will visit neighbourhoods of celebrities from various walks of life, showcasing election excitement alongside the star.

3 Dewaler Wall (What says the Wall?)

Wall graffiti is known to be an integral part of Bengal’s politics. The show will explore all that is going on in the world of wall graffiti, from those on the street to those on social media.

4 Narod Narod (This and That)

Two accusation sound bites of the day by opposing political parties/candidates/ leaders will be played out one after the other in a single frame. The capsule will be a part of a news bulletin.

5 Paye Paye Prochar (Campaign Trails)

This segmented program will follow candidates from several political parties on their campaign trails and provide 360-degree coverage of election campaigns. The capsule will be a part of a news bulletin.

Biswanath Majumdar, Editor-East of News 18, said, “With Municipal elections being held after six years, the excitement is high, and our programming offering is curated to match the sentiments of the local populace. Each show is in keeping with our endeavour to offer a holistic perspective, ground upwards to our viewers. Content is designed to educate viewers about political parties, councillors across wards, and agendas, empowering citizens to make an informed choice. The shows will have a mix of credible news, debates, the common man’s views, and a dash of celebrity quotient. Conceived to incite interest and curiosity amongst audiences, our news coverage will appeal to a broad audience base, offering a stay-glued-to-your-channel experience.”

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