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In collaboration with One Mercuri, Wavemaker launches South entertainment outpost for brands

The specialised unit will focus on South Cinema, streaming content, original content IPs, and other formats

Wavemaker India, in collaboration with One Mercuri, has unveiled a specialised unit which will focus on helping brands leverage the entertainment and content businesses in the southern parts of the country.

The unit will open up a new scope of collaborations and opportunities for brands and creators. It will deliver on creating original content IPs, enabling better brand associations in films and OTT content (audio, video), bringing in an era of measurement and collaborations with writer rooms, among other things.

The unit will be based out of Wavemaker’s Bangalore office, and led by Anilkumar Sathiraju under the leadership of Karthik Nagarajan.

Ajay Gupte, CEO – South Asia, Wavemaker, said, “We have always focused on paving newer ways to provide innovative solutions to our clients and partners. Creativity, content and collaboration are the three pillars of this newly launched specialised unit. We see huge potential in content, partnerships, digital content and content creators/influencers in the next few years. With this unit, our aim is to create a new wave in the entertainment and business space”. 

Karthik Nagarajan, Chief Content Officer, Wavemaker India, said, “The South entertainment industry has always held a great promise for national brands but it is also true that historically this promise has never been realized. There are probably two key reasons for this – the cultural understanding of the South is scarce among national brands and – the entertainment industry here is also more independent in nature compared to Bollywood, which makes tie-ups a bit more challenging. This outpost is an attempt to overcome both these challenges and make brands a significant stakeholder in both South films and streaming content. In One Mercuri, we not only have a trusted partner to the entertainment industry but also one with a strong understanding of brands.”

Sriram Bakthisaran, MD and Group CEO, One Mercuri, said, “A resurgence of quality content from the region which is home to the four thriving film industries besides a large entertainment-hungry viewership, a larger than life fan following base seen nowhere in the world and the content coming out from this region fast attracting global interests and gaining prominence on pan India scale and with our already significant presence in the South market having serviced some of the biggest production houses and the celebrities in the past, we feel we are better placed to expand our offerings than before as we jointly venture out to feed all stake holders including the consumer, the production houses as well as the brands. As Wavemaker has all the experience and knowhow with their global exposure, I am very confident that this collaboration will only elevate the industry and set standards for several to follow and benefit.”

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