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Gowardhan Ghee launches ‘Thand Padi’ campaign for winters

The film is directed by Nitish Budhkar, shot by Dhananjay Navagraha and the storyline was created with the help of Imlli Adrakee

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Parag Milk Foods has launched a campaign for their flagship product, Gowardhan Ghee, emphasizing the importance of its consumption during winters.

Ghee is an important ingredient of Indian kitchens and the campaign aims at reiterating the immunity boosting power of ghee. The short film weaves in the message of how having ghee in the food helps keep an individual warm and healthy.


The film is directed by Nitish Budhkar and shot by Dhananjay Navagraha and the storyline was created with the help of Imlli Adrakee.

The video depicts the excitement of a young boy with the onset of the winter season and shows how everybody in his family is preparing for this season by purchasing thermals, washing blankets, enjoying a hot cup of tea. The preparation is incomplete as the family realizes that the ghee container is empty. This quickly prompts the grandmother to tell her son to get Gowardhan Ghee while returning home. The campaign subtlety points out while we prepare for winter from the outside, it is equally important to prepare our body from the inside through a healthy and nutritious diet. 


Akshali Shah, Senior VP- Strategy, Sales and Marketing, said, “After long summer months, Indians look forward to winter every year and food continues to remain a highlight of the season. Through this campaign, our aim was to spread the message that while we prepare ourselves for winter through small rituals, it is imperative to maintain our health through consumption of the much-needed nutrients. This is possible by adding ghee to our winter essentials to help us keep warm and strong against the dropping temperatures.”

She went on to add, “Our key objective is to build awareness around pure cow ghee and re-emphasize our leadership position in the ghee segment. The campaign is thus designed to offer a familiar setting that consumers can relate to and build direct visual association of the category with the brand. We have taken 360-degree holistic approach by promoting the campaign on TV, radio and digitally. We hope that our customers will resonate with this campaign and continue to relish our products across seasons.”


Shruti Nayak Sharma, Creator, Imlli Adrakee, said, “We couldn't have got a more exciting brief for the season. Ghee is such an integral part of the Indian household in winter. Through 'Thand Padi' Gowardhan ghee announces a hearty shoutout to all the people prepping for the season. We at Imlli Adrakee are so excited to be a part of it.”

Sidhesh Pai, Chief Growth Officer, Imlli Adrakee, added, “At Imlli Adrakee we always strive to deliver brand centric communication based on a strong consumer insight. This film weaves the brand beautifully in an existing consumer practice of getting ready for the winter.”


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