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ET Medialabs wins digital mandate for Shadowfax

ET MediaLabs will be offering performance marketing services to the brand

ET MediaLabs has announced partnering with Shadowfax, the on-demand tech-backed gig marketplace that helps businesses outsource last-mile activities. Through this association, ET MediaLabs will be offering performance marketing services to the brand.

It will be providing all performance marketing assistance including analysing and creating a plan of action for the brand. This partnership also includes experimenting with Facebook and Google campaigns in order to improve the quality of Shadowfax app installations.

Raghav Kansal, Founder and CEO, ET MediaLabs, said, “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Shadowfax. It is swiftly becoming one of the most trusted businesses, offering its consumers quick delivery services. Our objective for Shadowfax is to keep growth at the centre of our approach and put our efforts into helping the brand scale by getting quality installs and users in order to grow its consumer base. The app has been positively welcomed by millions of users, and by using the right approach via performance campaigns, we will be able to assist them in scaling up. We are proud of our ability to give value to our associated companies, and we are thrilled to be doing so with our newest collaboration”.

Ishan Parmar, Associate Director, Shadowfax, said, “Our organisation is well-known for providing quick and simple delivery services. We have experienced growth in terms of achieving a decent rate in the category. However, we plan to collaborate with ET Medialabs to unleash the power of performance marketing and scale up by getting quality users and directing them into our funnel. Associating with ET MediaLabs is an exciting chance as the company is well-known in the industry for providing high-end performance marketing services.”

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