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Dr. Morepen onboards Hyphen and Blue Nomad

The fast-moving health goods company aims to create a new wellness and personal care brand

Dr. Morepen, the owners of “Burnol”, have onboarded Hyphen and Blue Nomad as the fast-moving health goods company aims to create a new wellness and personal care brand.

The two agencies will work on the brand’s design strategy, purpose and fundamentals.

Varun Suri

Varun Suri, Co-founder, Dr. Morepen, said, “Hyphen and Blue Nomad came across as a perfect blend of strategy with creativity! The homework they did on the brand before coming onboard was amazing and they were not shy to ask tough questions! Creatively, they are awesome and have the patience to work on the brand together. They get really involved in the future of the brand without forgetting the present. Sound team effort and great listening!”

Aakriti Suri

Aakriti Suri, Co-founder, Dr. Morepen, said, “We absolutely loved and enjoyed the extensive and comprehensive market research and insights provided by them during the pitch phase. Their synthesis of market trends and opportunities helped us curate a strong brand foundation. Blue Nomad’s deep analysis and understanding of our brand values and vision helped bring our ideas to life. We are grateful that we had the opportunity of co-creating our new brand with this team.”

Prasanna Sankhe

Prasanna Sankhe, Founder and Director, Hyphen, said, “The next generation of Dr. Morepen have their eyes set on creating a future forward looking brand that is ever present in the home as a friend and a companion more, rather than just like a medicinal, curative brand which have existed in their legacy portfolio. With this purpose in mind they got on board Hyphen, one of India’s top 10 design strategy firms, and Blue Nomad consultancy to work alongside them to determine the brand’s purpose and the brand fundamentals.”

Suri said, “We were amazed by the attention to detail and thoughtfulness presented by Prasanna and his team when they presented their initial ideas for the brand. The bespoke design routes and careful reasoning behind each element made us choose Hyphen. Throughout the process, the Hyphen team were patient, diligent and supremely creative with each brand asset presented. We continue to admire the assets created by Hyphen and we truly believe that they have created long-lasting, evergreen designs for our brand.”

“We had the pleasure of working with Hyphen to create a new-age personal care brand and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hyphen’s creativity and passion for design amazed us and has helped us create a thoughtful brand with impactful design elements. We loved that Prasanna was heavily involved throughout and always had a positive outlook and fresh ideas. We have loved our experience of co-creating a brand with Hyphen and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to work with one of the smartest, most driven and talented folks in the country,” she added.

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