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Deepak Chaurasia fiasco: News Nation sacks backend staff, Chaurasia may return on air soon

The Hindi news channel sacked two senior employees of the production department after the on-air video of Deepak Chaurasia paying tribute to General Bipin Rawat in a slurring speech went viral

Deepak Chaurasia

On December 9, a video of senior journalist Deepak Chaurasia, who’s presently working as a consulting editor with News Nation, paying on-air tribute to the late General Bipin Rawat in an alleged inebriated state went viral. 

Following this the channel and the senior anchor were trolled heavily on Twitter for being unprofessional. Whereas Chaurasia later on took to Twitter, denying that he was drunk while he was on-air, the channel chose to stay silent on the incident.  

While Chaurasia had been taken off-air for 15 days following this incident, but the people who were forced to face the brunt of this debacle are the channel’s senior production staff. 

According to sources, the News Nation management has sacked Senior Editor Neeraj Kumar and show producer Vivek Bhatnagar. 

Chaurasia, however, has managed to get away scot-free and has been able to save his prime-time anchoring slot on the channel. 

The channel did take him off-air for 15 days but he’s now likely to make a comeback soon with his show ‘Desh Ki Bahas’, sources told reached out to the channel’s Editor-in-Chief Manoj Gairola and its Managing Director Sanjay Kulshrestha for their comments. Both of them did not respond to the queries. 

“The backend staff who allowed such an embarrassing moment to go on-air has been removed. Chaurasia was taken off-air but now there’s an internal committee that’s looking into this instance and assessing facts. Meanwhile, Chaurasia is likely to get back to anchoring soon,” a source said.

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