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Adopt the hybrid marketing model in 2022, Voltas' Deba Ghoshal's advise to marketers

The Vice-President and Head of Marketing at Voltas Limited talks about the learnings of 2021 and the marketing trends for the new year

Deba Ghoshal

In 2022, brands must continue to drive their omnichannel presence, by integrating digital, electronic, and on-ground activations, said Deba Ghoshal, Vice-President and Head of Marketing, Voltas Limited. The seasoned marketer recommended all marketers to adopt the hybrid marketing model which will allow brands to enhance their physical and digital presence to create real-time customer delight.

Talking about the marketing trends in the new year, Ghoshal said, “We will witness that the consumer will be more cautious and connected. And in order to break the inertia towards new purchases, marketers will need to continue to create propositions that are tangible and relevant. We will witness a market of end-users who have witnessed two difficult years of the pandemic, and to win the confidence of this consumer, will be a key factor for all brands in all categories.”

“Keeping in mind the expected supply chain challenges in the industry, the pricing dynamics in the market have to be handled carefully, by creating the right value propositions. And it goes without saying that Digital will continue to be the pivot for all decisions related to consumer outreach. Particularly, Search, Social and Influencer strategies need to be carefully crafted,” he added.

In 2021, the marketing landscape for consumer durables, especially cooling products and home appliances, continued to be dominated by digital, according to Ghoshal. “There has been a significant shift in the way marketers have reached out to consumers, by adopting an omnichannel strategy of building consumer-connect. Propositions, Products, Pricing, Offers, Channel (Distribution) and Media, all elements of the marketing mix have seen a shift towards being more relevant, immediate and meaningful, in these times of uncertainty.”

“From a media perspective, while Electronic and Print have made a strong comeback, the biggest leap was for Digital in 2021, where brands have consistently invested. The impetus for online will continue to go up as more people continue searching online and making purchases. Our new webstore, is a step forward in embracing the digital transformation, and it has already received a good response,” Ghoshal concluded.

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